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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Supporting Collaborative Problem Solving in a Game-Based Learning EnvironmentSaleh, Asmalina; Chen, Yuxin; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Glazewski, Krista; Mott, Bradford; Taylor, Robert; Rowe, Jonathan; Lester, James
2019-06Effective Regulation in Collaborative Learning: An Attempt to Determine the Fit of Regulation Challenges and StrategiesMelzner, Nadine; Greisel, Martin; Dresel, Markus; Kollar, Ingo
2019-06Collaborative Talk Across Two Pair-Programming ConfigurationsZakaria, Zarifa; Boulden, Danielle; Vandenberg, Jessica; Tsan, Jennifer; Lynch, Collin; Wiebe, Eric; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth
2019-06Measuring the Computational in Computational Participation: Debugging Interactive Stories in Middle School Computer ScienceProctor, Chris
2019-06Expansively Framing Social Annotations for Generative Collaborative Learning in Online CoursesAndrews, Christopher; Chartrand, Grant; Hickey, Daniel T.
2019-06Use of Spatial Sensemaking Practices in Spatial LearningVaishampayan, Abha; Plummer, Julia; Udomprasert, Patricia; Sunbury, Susan
2019-06Gaming the Schoolyard: Promoting High School Students’ Collaborative Learning Through Geolocative Mobile Game DesignPerry, Judy
2019-06Project Bloks: Embodied and Collaborative Learning With Tangible Interfaces for Young ChildrenLin, Veronica; Blikstein, Paulo
2019-06Assessing Iterative Planning for Real-world Design TeamsLewis, Daniel Rees; Gerber, Elizabeth; Easterday, Matthew
2019-06Group Formation in the Digital Age: Relevant Characteristics, Their Diagnosis, and Combination for Productive CollaborationTsovaltzi, Dimitra; Weinberger, Armin; Schmitt, Lara; Bellhäuser, Henrik; Müller, Adrienne; Konert, Johannes; Röpke, René; gijlers, hannie; Eshuis, Elise; Eysink, Tessa; Erkens, Melanie; Manske, Sven; Hoppe, H. Ulrich; Bodemer, Daniel; Sankaranarayanan, Sreecharan; Dashti, Cameron; Bogart, Christopher; Wang, Xu; Sakr, Majd; Hilton, Michael; Rosé, Carolyn