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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Collaborative Remembering, temporal cement of Collaborative Learning: An ExplorationBietti, Lucas; Baker, Michael
2019-06Dialogic Intervisualizing: Rethinking Text-Discourse-Learning Relations in Multimodal Problem-based LearningBridges, Susan; Chan, Lap Ki; Green, Judith; Saleh, Asmalina; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy
2019-06From Material Objects to Social Objects: Researching the Material-Dialogic Spaces of Joint Attention in a School-based MakerspaceKumpulainen, Kristiina; Kajamaa, Anu
2019-06Data Wrangling Practices and Process in Modeling Family Migration Narratives with Big Data Visualization TechnologiesJiang, Shiyan; Kahn, Jennifer
2019-06Social Media in the Science Classroom: Bridging Funds of Knowledge to Scientific ConceptsMills, Kelly; Bonsignore, Elizabeth; Clegg, Tamara; Yip, Jason; Ahn, June; Pauw, Daniel; Pitt, Caroline
2019-06Mission HydroSci: Meeting Learning Standards Through GameplayLaffey, James; Griffin, Joseph; Sigoloff, Justin; Sadler, Troy; Goggins, Sean; Womack, Andrew; Wulff, Eric; Lander, Sean
2019-06A Spiral Model of Collaborative Knowledge Improvement to Support CollaborativeChen, Wenli; Zhang, Si; Wen, Yun; Looi, Chee-Kit; Yeo, Jennifer
2019-06Intelligent Cognitive Assistants to Support Orchestration in CSCLBae, Haesol; Glazewski, Krista; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy; Lester, James; Mott, Bradford W.; Rowe, Jonathan
2019-06Embedding Computational Thinking in the Elementary Classroom: An Extended Collaborative Teacher Learning ExperienceKetelhut, Diane Jass; Hestness, Emily; Mills, Kelly
2019-06Rural Students' Cultural Assets During Science ArgumentationSun, Jingjing; Miller, Brian W.; Finlay, Michael