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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022“You Are Not Valued as They Said”: Re-Constructing a U.S. Higher Education Environment Negotiated by an International StudentLi, Pei Jung
2021-06“You Get to See for Yourself”: Immersive Media to Facilitate Observation and Engagement in Remote SchoolingMcGivney, Eileen
2021-06“You Get to See for Yourself”: Immersive Media to Facilitate Observation and Engagement in Remote SchoolingMcGivney, Eileen
2012-07You're It! Body, Action, and Object in STEM LearningAbrahamson, Dor; Petrick, Carmen; DeLiema, David; Johnson–Glenberg, Mina C.; Birchfield, David; Koziupa, Tatyana; Savio-Ramos, Caroline; Cruse, Julie; Lindgren, Robb; Fadjo, Cameron; Black, John B.; Eisenberg, Michael
2012-07Young Children's Everyday Inquiry: A Field Study of a Young Girl's Play Across ContextsKeifert, Danielle
2018-07Young Children’s Inquiry Within and Across SettingsKeifert, Danielle Teodora
2022Young Children’s Use of Spatial Sensemaking Practices as Mediators of Spatial Skills During Informal STEM ProgramsPlummer, Julia D.; Nolan, Katie; Cho, Kyungjin; Botch, Madison
2019-06Young Interpreters: The Situated as SupportiveJohnstun, Kevin; Leary, Heather; Jensen, Bryant
2021-06Young Students’ Experience of Analytics-Supported CSCL and the Influence of Parental AttitudesHu, Xiao; Ng, Jeremy; Jiang, Xuemei
2018-07"Your Turn!”: Playing Cooperative Modern Board Games to Promote Perspective Taking and Cooperative AttitudesWang, Yu-Chi; Doll, Jenifer; Varma, Keisha
2013-06Youth Roles and Leadership in an Online Creative CommunityRoque, Ricarose; Rusk, Natalie; Blanton, Amos
2018-07Youth, Learning and Social Media in K-12 Education: The State of the FieldAskari, Emilia; Brandon, Diana; Galvin, Sarah; Greenhow, Christine
1997-12Zebu: WWW-based educational groupwareTiessen, Esther L.; Ward, Douglas R.
2022The Zone of Proximal Self Model to Improve Equity in Higher EducationNguyen, Judy; Phuong, Andrew Estrada; Salehi, Shima; Mejia, Fabrizio D.; Hagstrom, Susan
2021-06Zone of Proximal Self: A Sociocultural Framework for Examining the Development of Possible Selves and Social-Emotional CompetenciesNguyen, Judy; Phuong, Andrew Estrada; Hunn, Christopher T.; Mejia, Fabrizio D.
2008-06The ZooLib Tuplebase: An Open-Source, Scalable Database Architecture for Learning Sciences ResearchTeplovs, Chris; Green, Andrew; Scardamalia, Marlene
2022Zoom School Diaries: Caregiver Insights From Listening in on Synchronous InstructionPozos, Rose K.; Barron, Brigid; Martin, Caitlin K.; Ball, April; Troy, Flora
2021-06Zooming In: Exploring the Construction of Professional Vision in Teachers’ Reflection with Visualizations of Classroom DiscourseGomoll, Andrea; Clarke, Sherice; Dennis, Katherine
1999-12Zora, a Graphical Multi-user Environment to Share Stories about the SelfBers, Marina U