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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023“Wait, Wait, Go Back”: Investigating Social Supports for Homework During Do-Design Sessions With TeachersHatch, Paul; Michaelis, Joseph E.
2002-01Walk a Mile in Students' Shoes – An Approach to Faculty Development on Integrating Web-Based Collaborative Learning into InstructionWang, C. Y. Janey
2022The Way to Better Learning Online: Using Online Discussions in College Classes During COVID-19Lim, Jaeseo; Yang, Ji Won; Lee, Junho; Park, Jooyong
2011-06Ways of contributing to a knowledge-building dialogue in historyResendes, Monica; Chuy, Maria; Chen, Bodong; Scardamalia, Marlene
2006-06Ways of Working: A Three-tiered Interpretive Model for Video ResearchWortham, Donald; Derry, Sharon
2004-06We Built This City: Developing Students' Understanding of Ecology Through the Professional Practice of Urban PlanningBeckett, Kelly L.; Shaffer, David Williamson
2023“We Do Better Math When We’re Together”: Learning Mathematics From the MarginsVelamur, Arundhati; Blake, Ali R.; Turan, Nurdan; Glassberg, Robin; Morales, Teddy Vinicio; Pan, Katie; Liang, Shiyan; Searcey, Riley; Y., Jasmine; Barrales, Wendy
2005-05We Learn Better Together: Enhancing eLearning with Emotional CharactersMaldonado, Heidy; Lee, Jong-Eun Roselyn; Brave, Scott; Nass, Cliff; Nakajima, Hiroshi; Yamada, Ryota; Iwamura, Kimihiko; Morishima, Yasunori
2022“We Made Liquid!”: How Children Blend Feedback in a Mixed-Reality Environment for Collective Embodied LearningLee, Sarah Jaewon; Tu, Xintian; Adebola, Simeon; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua
2014-06“We should all help each other”: Latina undergraduates’ practices and identities in the figured world of computingThiry, Heather; Hug, Sarah
2018-07“We Were on the Same Level”: Young Engineering Researchers Taking Up Agentive Positions in a Diverse Learning CommunityWakefield, Wendy; Jordan, Michelle E. Jordan; DeLaRosa, Mia
2005-05Weak Guidance with “Look” Functionality in Handheld-Based Classroom ActivitiesKim, Kibum; Tatar, Deborah G.
2007-07Wearable Tag Clouds: Visualizations to Facilitate New CollaborationsSteinbock, Daniel; Pea, Roy; Reeves, and Byron
2023WearableLearning: Developing Computational Thinking Through Modeling, Simulation, and Computational Problem SolvingRasul, Injila; Crabtree, Danielle; Castro, Francisco; Poh, Allison; Gattupalli, Sai Satish; Kathala, Krishna Chaitanya Rao; Arroyo, Ivon
2011-06Weather Gods and Fruit Kids — Embodying abstract concepts using tactile feedback and Whole Body InteractionJohansson, Carolina; Ahmet, Zeynep; Tholander, Jakob; Aleo, Franc; Jonsson, Martin; Sumon, Saiful
2023Weaving in and out of School Experiences to Craft STEM IdentitiesAllen, Carrie D.; Weidler-Lewis, Joanna
2020-06Weaving the Fabric of Adaptive STEM Learning Environments Across Domains and SettingsPea, Roy; Grover, Shuchi
2020Weaving the Fabric of Adaptive STEM Learning Environments Across Domains and SettingsPea, Roy; Grover, Shuchi; Brown, Bryan
2023Weaving the Societal and the Technical into Teacher Experiences: Experienced Computing High School Teacher Learning in an Electronic Textiles Professional Development SessionJayathirtha, Gayithri; Fields, Deborah A.; Kafai, Yasmin; Chapman, Gail; Goode, Joanna; Shaw, Mia
2020-06Weaving the Strands: Tangible Board Game Design for Integrated and Collaborative ESL/EFL LearningKong, Lingde; Horn, Michael