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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-05V-Share - Video-Based Analysis and Reflection of Teaching Experiences in (Virtual) GroupsHuppertz, Peter; Massler, Ute; Ploetzner, Rolf
2009-06V.S.P.O.W.: An Innovative collaborative writing approach to improve Chinese as L2 pupils' linguistic skillsWong, Lung-Hsiang; Chin, Chee-Kuen; Chen, Wenli; Gao, Ping
2016-07Validating a Model for Assessing Teacher’s Adaptive Expertise With Computer Supported Complex Systems Curricula and Its Relationship to Student Learning OutcomesYoon, Susan A.; Koehler-Yom, Jessica; Anderson, Emma; Evans, Chad
2010-06Validation of a Learning Progression: Relating Empirical Data to TheoryShea, Nicole; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2010-06Validity Evidence for Games as Assessment EnvironmentsDelacruz, Girlie C.; Chung, Gregory K.W.K.; Baker, Eva L.
2008-06The value of multiple representations for learning about complex systemsThompson, Kate
2021-06The Value of Using Roles while Collaboratively Writing Synthesis Texts in UniversityPutzeys, Karen; De Wever, Bram
2012-07Variation in Fifth Grade Students' Propensities for Managing Uncertainty during Collaborative Engineering ProjectsJordan, Michelle
2013-06Variation in Other-Regulation and the Implications for Competence NegotiationAdams-Wiggins, Karlyn R.; Rogat, Toni Kempler
2020-06Variations in Student Authority in One Collaborative SmallMehltretter, Kathryn; Hutchison, Paul
2020-06Variations in Teachers’ Practical Conceptions of Epistemic AgencyKelly, Susan; Mathayas, Nitasha; Machaka, Nessrine; Chis, Jacqueline; Krist, Christina
2014-06Varied Appropriation of Tools from Professional Development: Moving Beyond LevelsChung, Huy Q.; van Es, Elizabeth A.
2011-06Vegetation Interaction Game: Digital SUGOROKU to Learn Vegetation Succession for ChildrenDeguchi, Akiko; Kusunoki, Fusako; Inagaki, Shigenori; Yamaguchi, Etsuji; Takeda, Yoshiaki; Sugimoto, Masanori
2020-06Veteran and Novice Teachers’ Reflective Inquiry in Collaborative PlanningEshchar-Netz, Livat; Vedder-Weiss, Dana
1999-12Vicarious Learning and Educational DialogueStenning, Keith; McKendree, Jean; Lee, John; Cox, Richard; Dineen, Finbar; Mayes, Terry
2011-06Video Analysis of Learners’ Interactions with the Expert: Using Mobile Devices as Mediating Tools for Learning at a MuseumMann, Susanna; Reimann, Peter
2004-06The Video Analyst’s Manifesto (or The Implications of Garfinkel’s Policies for the Development of a Program of Video Analytic Research within the Learning Sciences)Koschmann, Timothy; Stahl, Gerry; Zemel, Alan
2019-06Video Annotation for Content-Focused CoachingAmador, Julie; Choppin, Jeffrey; Carson, Cynthia; Gillespie, Ryan
2002-01Video Cases for Teacher Learning: Issues of Social and Organizational Design for UseShrader, Greg; Fishman, Barry; Barab, Sasha; O’Neill, Kevin; Oden, Gary; Suthers, Dan
2020-06A Video Club in a Networked Improvement Community: Coupling C- and B-level Activities to Access A-Level ExpertiseKallio, Julie