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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Uncertainty Management in Science ArgumentationCullicott, Catherine E.; Chen, Ying-Chih
2018-07Uncovering Students' Ecological Knowledge ResourcesMinshew, Lana; Barber-Lester, Kelly Johnson; Derry, Sharon; Anderson, Janice L.
2016-07Uncovering Teachers’ Pedagogical Reasoning in Science DiscussionsClarke, Sherice; Gerritsen, David; Grainger, Rebecca; Ogan, Amy
2018-07Uncovering the Rich Club Phenomenon in an Online ClassHuang, Tianhui; Chen, Bodong
2014-06Undergraduate Attitudes Towards Help-SeekingHowley, Iris; Rosé, Carolyn Penstein
2014-06Understanding Data Variability in Ecosystems: Blending MUVE and Mobile Technologies to Support Reasoning with Real World DataKamarainen, Amy; Metcalf, Shari; Grotzer, Tina; Dede, Chris
2016-07Understanding Middle School Teachers’ Processing of Student-Generated Resources in Science ClassroomsLiu, Xinyang; Chen, Shu; Jin, Yinglian; Pei, Xinning; Zheng, Tainian; Xiao, Sihan
2014-06Understanding the Relationships Within and Between Constructs of a Learning Progression: Combining Multidimensional Item Response Modeling and Latent Class AnalysisChoi, Jinnie; Duncan, Ravit Golan
2018-07Understanding the Role of Embodied Interaction in Preschool Children’s Learning About Science in Informal SettingsGhazali-Mohammed, Zayba
2018-07Understanding, Redefining, and Designing for Broadening ParticipationScipio, Déana Aeolani
2018-07Unpacking Dimensions of Evidentiary Knowledge and Reasoning in the Teaching and Learning of ScienceSamarapungavan, Ala; Clase, Kari; Pelaez, Nancy; Gardner, Stephanie; Misra, Chandrani; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark; Barzilai, Sarit; Berland, Leema K.; McNeill, Katherine L.; Manz, Eve; Wylie, Alison; Sandoval, William A.
2018-07Unpacking signs of learning in complex social environments: Desettling neoliberal market-driven educational methodologies, epistemologies and recognitions of learningAdams, Jennifer D; Barma, Sylvie; Vincent, Marie-Caroline; Voyer, Samantha; Rahm, Jrene; Touioui, Ferdous; Sengupta, Pratim; Shanahan, Marie-Claire; Hladik, Stephanie; Paré, Dylan; Chaffee, Rachel; Luehmann, April; Greenberg, Day; Thompson, Jessica; Haganah, Sara; Barton, Angela Calabrese; O'Connor, Kevin
2016-07Unpacking Social Factors in Mechanistic Reasoning (Or, Why a Wealthy Person is Not Exactly Like a Grey Squirrel)Hjorth, Arthur; Krist, Christina
2018-07Unpacking Why Student Writing Does Not Match Their Science Inquiry Experimentation in Inq-ITSLi, Haiying; Gobert, Janice; Dickler, Rachel
2014-06Upper-Level Physics Students’ Perceptions of PhysicistsIrving, Paul W.; Sayre, Eleanor C.
2016-07Use of Interactive Computer Models to Promote Integration of Science Concepts Through the Engineering Design ProcessMcBride, Elizabeth A.; Vitale, Jonathan M.; Applebaum, Lauren; C.Linn, Marcia
2015-07The Use of Visual Evidence for Planning and ArgumentationCober, Rebecca; Acosta, Alisa; Lui, Michelle; Moher, Tom; Kuhn, Alex; Quintana, Chris; Slotta, James D.
2016-07A User Interface for the Exploration of Manually and Automatically Coded Scientific Reasoning and ArgumentationLerner, Patrick; Csanadi, Andras; Daxenberger, Johannes; Flekova, Lucie; Ghanem, Christian; Kollar, Ingo; Fischer, Frank; Gurevych, Iryna
2018-07Using a video-based approach to develop pre-service science teachers’ understanding of how to teach nature of scienceChan, Kennedy; Cheng, Ka Lok; Chan, Carol; Yung, Benny
2014-06Using an Adaptive Expertise Lens to Understand the Quality of Teachers’ Classroom Implementation of Computer-Supported Reform Curricula in High School ScienceYoon, Susan; Koehler, Jessica; Wang, Joyce; Anderson, Emma; Klopfer, Eric