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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Taking a New Perspective on Spatial Representations in STEMDeSutter, Dane; Stieff, Mike
2014-06Taking DALITE to the Next Level: What Have We Learned from a Web-Based Peer Instruction Application?Charles, Elizabeth S.; Whittaker, Chris; Lasry, Nathaniel; Dugdale, Michael; Lenton, Kevin; Bhatnagar, Sameer; Guillemette, Jonathan
2018-07Taking on the Challenges of Learning in the Digital Age: Grade 5 Students’ Mindsets and Strategies in Knowledge Building CommunitiesHod, Yotam; Zhang, Jianwei; Yuan, Guangji; Zhou, He
2014-06A Tale of Two Worlds: Using Bifocal Modeling to Find and Resolve “Discrepant Events” Between Physical Experiments and Virtual Models in BiologyFuhrmann, Tamar; Salehi, Shima; Blikstein, Paulo
2014-06Talk as a Window into Collaborative Lesson Design: Designing a Common Rubric in an Elementary School Work CircleGomez, Kimberley; Mancevice, Nicole; Lee, Ung-Sang; Cunningham, Jahneille
2016-07Talking Back to the Future: Anatomy of Reflection as Collective PracticeJornet, Alfredo
2018-07Talking Past One Another: Looking for signs of Conversational Mismatch in One 6th grade Science ClassroomKo, Monlin; Elby, Andrew
2015-07Tarzan and Jane Share an iPadRick, Jochen; Kopp, Daniel; Schmitt, Lara; Weinberger, Armin
2014-06"Teach me how to Facebook!" Design-Based Research about Risk Prevention on Social Network SitesVanderhoven, Ellen; Schellens, Tammy; Valcke, Martin
2016-07Teacher Epistemic Learning in the Innovation DiffusionWu, Longkai; Hung, David
2014-06Teacher Facilitation of Whole-Class Discussion in Secondary History ClassroomsReisman, Avishag; Shane-Sagiv, Chava; Barker, Lisa M.; Fogo, Bradley; Polman, Joseph L.
2016-07Teacher Learning in a Professional Learning Community: Potential for Dual-layer Knowledge BuildingTan, Seng Chee; Chu, Shien; Teo, Chew Lee
2016-07Teacher Noticing Associated With Responsive Support of Knowledge BuildingJudson, Darlene
2018-07Teacher Practice Spaces: Examples and Design ConsiderationsReich, Justin; Kim, Yoon Jeon; Robinson, Kevin; Roy, Dan; Thompson, Meredith
2018-07Teacher's Re-design of Virtual Reality Based Curriculum in an Elementary ClassroomHan, Insook
2016-07Teachers and Professional Development: New Contexts, Modes, and Concerns in the Age of Social MediaGreenhow, Chrisine; Hershkovitz, Arnon; Baruch, Alona Forkosh; Askari, Emilia; Tsovaltzi, Dimitra; Asterhan, Christa; Puhl, Thomas; Weinberger, Armin; Bouton, Edith; Polman, Joseph
2014-06Teachers Becoming (Temporary) Engineers to Become Better TeachersLivingston, Ayesha; Collins, Jamie; Kooser, Ara; Svihla, Vanessa
2018-07Teachers Collaboratively Creating Micro-Credentials for Professional DevelopmentPowell, Sandy; Leary, Heather; McLachlan, Lisa; Brock, Karen
2014-06Teachers' Learning about Equitable Practice through Talk with ColleaguesHorn, Ilana Seidel; Yoon, Irene; Kane, Britnie Delinger; Bannister, Nicole; van Es, Elizabeth A.; Hand, Victoria; Horn, Ilana Seidel
2018-07Teachers' Values in Co-Design of an Art-Science-Computation UnitFinch, Lila; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Carstens, Franziska