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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Racism With Antiracists: Examining Sensemaking in a School-University Partnership for AntiracismBerland, Leema; Louie, Nicole L.; Pacheco, Mariana; Roeker, Laura
2013-06The Radix Endeavor: Designing a Massively Multiplayer Online Game around Collaborative Problem Solving in STEMClarke-Midura, Jody; Rosenheck, Louisa; Haas, Jason; Klopfer, Eric
2008-06Rapid Collaborative Knowledge Building: Lessons Learned from two Primary Science ClassroomsNg, Foo Keong; Looi, Chee-Kit; Chen, Wenli
2011-06Rating dimensions of collaboration quality in synchronous collaborating dyads: findings and interpretationsKahrimanis, Georgios; Chounta, Irene-Angelica; Avouris, Nikolaos
2021-06(Re)presenting Nature: Sixth Graders’ Place-based Field Trip Experience through RestoryingYan, Lili; Litts, Breanne K.; Colleni, Mckay; Isaacs, Devon; Tehee, Melissa; Baggaley, Stuart; Jenkins, Jennifer
2002-01Re-contextualization of Teaching and Learning in Videoconference-based Environments: An Empirical StudyHedestig, Ulf; Kaptelinin, Victor
2018-07Re-Engaging Youth: Using Discourse Analysis to Explore Individual Agency and Community BelongingTierney, Gavin
2014-06Re-grow Your City: A NetLogo Curriculum Unit on Regional DevelopmentHjorth, Arthur; Wilensky, Uri
2015-07‘Re-mediating’ LearningJona, Kemi; Penney, Lauren; Stevens, Reed
2014-06Re-Placing the Body in Children's LearningTaylor, Katie Headrick; Hall, Rogers; Y., Jasmine; Marin, Ananda; Phillips, Nathan
2012-07Re-presenting Complex Scientific Phenomena Using Agent-Based Modeling in Engineering EducationBlikstein, Paulo
2022REACH Projector: Remote Embodiment for Augmented Collaborative HelpSmith, Casey; Tissenbaum, Mike
2014-06Reactivation of Multimodal Representations and Perceptual Simulations for Meaningful Learning: A Comparison of Direct Embodiment, Surrogate Embodiment, and Imagined EmbodimentKhan, Saadia A.; Black, John B.
2020-06Reading Across the Curriculum: Examining Students’ Knowledge of Disciplinary Reading Goals and StrategiesMcCarthy, Kathryn
2020-06Reading Comprehension and Mental Model Development: A Cross-Validation of Methods and Technologies to Assess Student Understanding of the TextKim, Min Kyu; Heidari, Ali; McCarthy, Kathryn
2019-06Reading for Breadth, Reading for Depth: Understanding the Relationship Between Reading and Complex Thinking Using Epistemic Network AnalysisSung, Hanall; Cao, Shengyang; Ruis, Andrew; Shaffer, D.W.
2010-06Reading in the Context of Online GamesSteinkuehler, Constance; Compton-Lilly, Catherine; King, Elizabeth
2022Reading Minds: Exploring Relationships Between Sensor-Data and Self-Reported Cognitive-Affective States of LearnersLal, Sharanya; Eysink, Tessa H.S.; Gijlers, Hannie A.; Verwey, Willem B.; Veldkamp, Bernard P.
2008-06Real Arguments about a Virtual Epidemic: Conversations and Contestations in a Tween Gaming ClubKafai, Yasmin; Wong, Jacqueline
2022Real Work With Real Consequences in an Evolving Classroom Context: Consequential and Connected STEM LearningJongewaard, Rebekah; Jordan, Michelle E.