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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06A Qualitative Analysis of Joint Visual Attention and Collaboration with High- and Low-Achieving Groups in Computer-Mediated LearningBryant, Tonya; Radu, Iulian; Schneider, Bertrand
2016-07Qualitative Analysis of Video Data: Standards and HeuristicsRamey, Kay E.; Champion, Dionne N.; Dyer, Elizabeth B.; Keifert, Danielle T.; Krist, Christina; Meyerhoff, Peter; Villanosa, Krystal; Hilppö, Jaakko
2016-07Qualitative and Quantitative Information in Cognitive Group Awareness Tools: Impact on Collaborative LearningErkens, Melanie; Schlottbom, Patrick; Bodemer, Daniel
1995-10A Qualitative Examination of an Interactive Computer Program on MulticulturalismPowers, Susan M.
2016-07A Qualitative Exploration of Self- and Socially Shared Regulation in Online Collaborative LearningHensley, Lauren; Cutshall, Jessica; Law, Victor; Xie, Kui; Lu, Lin
2018-07Qualitative Measures of Equity in Small GroupsArchibeque, Benjamin Archibeque; Kustusch, Mary Bridget; Genz, Florian; Franklin, Scott; Sayre, Eleanor C
2022Qualitative Observations of Metacognitive Tendencies of High and Low Foreign Language Anxiety LearnersPaterson, Rebecca; Manalo, Emmanuel
2022Qualitative Research as the Co-Construction of Knowledge: Designed and Emergent Opportunities for Equity in Data CollectionTunstall, Jonathan; Saplan, Kailea; Stoiber, Andy
2010-06Qualitative, Quantitative, and Data Mining Methods for Analyzing Log Data to Characterize Students' Learning Strategies and BehaviorsBaker, Ryan; Gobert, Janice; Azevedo, Roger; Roll, Ido; van Joolingen, Wouter
1997-12The Qualitheque - communicating quality-in-use of information technologySvedemar, Micke
2020-06The Qualities of Identity Resources and Figured Worlds in Creative Computing ActivitiesRoque, Ricarose
2018-07The Quality of Open Online Learning and Education: Towards a Quality Reference Framework for MOOCsStracke, Christian M.; Tan, Esther
2011-06Quantified Measures of Online Discourse as Knowledge Building IndicatorsZhang, Jianwei; Sun, Yanqing
2021-06Quantified Qualitative Analysis: Rubric Development and Inter-rater Reliability as Iterative DesignMcCarthy, Kathryn S.; Magliano, Joseph P.; Snyder, Jacob O.; Kenney, Elizabeth A.; Newton, Natalie N.; Perret, Cecile A.; Knezevic, Melanie; Allen, Laura K.; McNamara, Danielle S.
2023Quantifying Differences in Students’ Participation Patterns in Classroom DiscussionsBouton, Edith; Asterhan, Christa
2023Quantitative Analysis of Mathematical Word Problems in the Estelle Reel PapersSherman, Julie; Kim, Luke; Smith, Mary; Gutiérrez, José F.
2022Queer Orientations as Resources for Mathematics LearningRadke, Sarah; Velamur, Arundhati
2020-06Queering Complexity Using Multi-Agent SimulationsParé, Dylan; Shanahan, Marie-Claire; Sengupta, Pratim
2023A Quest for Information—And Data Literacy: Can 6th Graders Make Informed Decisions?Tärning, Betty; Ternblad, Eva-Maria; Haake, Magnus; Gulz, Agneta
2008-06Questioning and responding in online small groups engaged in collaborative math problem solvingZhou, Nan; Zemel, Alan; Stahl, Gerry