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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Parents’ decontextualized talk during early childhood predicts the neural basis of narrative processing in later childhoodDemir-Lira, Özlem Ece; Asaridou, Salomi S.; Levine, Susan C.; Goldin-Meadow, Susan; Small, Steven L.
2017-07Participatory Design With Students for Technology Integration: Shifting Power and Organizational Practices in an Urban SchoolLee, Ung-Sang; Gomez, Kimberly
2018-07Pathways to Literary Reasoning: Bridging Text and WorldHall, Allison H; Goldman, Susan R
2018-07Patterns of Classroom Talk Through Participation in Discourse-Focused Teacher Professional DevelopmentSandoval, William A.; Kwako, Alexander J.; Modrek, Anahid S.; Kawasaki, Jarod
2018-07Pedagogically informed peer teaching as a mechanism for systematically maximizing sociocultural theories of learningRosier, Soren
2015-07Peer Scaffolding to Learn Science in Symmetrical Groups Collaborating Over TimeMartin, Nicole D.; Gnesdilow, Dana; Puntambekar, Sadhana
2018-07Peer Tutor Matching for Introductory Programming: Data-Driven Methods to Enable New Opportunities for HelpDiana, Nicholas; Eagle, Michael; Stamper, John; Grover, Shuchi; Bienkowski, Marie; Basu, Satabdi
2016-07Perceptions of Productive Failure in Design Projects: High School Students’ Challenges in Making Electronic TextilesLitts, Breanne K.; Kafai, Yasmin B.; Searle, Kristin A.; Dieckmeyer, Emily
2018-07Personal Experience and Emotion in Making Sense of Literary TextsSosa, Teresa; Hall, Allison H
2014-06Personas as a Powerful Methodology to Design Targeted Professional Development ResourcesMadsen, Adrian; McKagan, Sarah B.; Sayre, Eleanor C.; Martinuk, Mathew; Bell, Alexander
2014-06Perspectival Computational Thinking for Learning Physics: A Case Study of Collaborative Agent- Based ModelingFarris, Amy Voss; Sengupta, Pratim
2018-07Playful Mathematics Learning: Beyond Early Childhood and Sugar-CoatingGresalfi, Melissa; Horn, Ilana Seidel; Jasien, Lara; Wisittanawat, Panchompoo; Y., Jasmine; Radke, Sarah C; Guyevskey, Victoria; Sinclair, Nathalie; Sfard, Anna
2018-07Playing and Designing Games for Systems Thinking: A Design Based Research ProjectBell, Amanda M
2018-07Playing Well with Others: An Ethnographic Examination of a Cross-Disciplinary Science-Theatre CollaborationSuchow, Ariella Flora
2018-07Playing with fractions on an Interactive floor application: An exploratory case study in the math classroomIoannou, Marianna; Ioannou, Andri
2015-07Playing with Gameful Activities and Assessments: Avatars and Experience Points in a Graduate CourseKim, Beaumie
2018-07Politicization as Learning: Centring Racialization, Colonialism, and Gender in Learning Sciences AnalysisCurnow, Joe
2018-07Power in the Digital Age: A Critical Revision to Productive Disciplinary Engagement (PDE)Agarwal, Priyanka; Sengupta-Irving, Tesha
2014-06The Power of Networks as an Engineering SophomoreTsai, Janet Y.; Kotys-Schwartz, Daria A.; Knight, Daniel W.
2018-07Pre-service Teachers’ Perspectives on Computer Science Education Within an Equity-Oriented Teacher Education ProgramTayne, Kelsey; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Jurow, A. Susan; Hollingsworth, Max