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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06NAPLeS: Networked Learning in the Learning SciencesVogel, Freydis; Fischer, Frank; Sommerhoff, Daniel
2004-06Narrative and Identity: Constructing Oppositional Identities in Performance CommunitiesHalverson, Erica Rosenfeld
2023Narrative Construction Game as Consent Knowledge AssessmentProbst, Caleb
2023The Narrative Construction of Transformational Science IdentitiesPapendieck, Adam; Azevedo, Flávio S.; Legendre, Lucas J.; Ellins, Katherine K.; Clarke, Julia A.
2014-06The Nature of Student Thinking and Its Implications for the Use of Learning Progressions to Inform Classroom InstructionAlonzo, Alicia; Elby, Andrew
2022The Nature(s) of Embodied Mathematical FailureSimpson, Amber; Williams-Pierce, Caro; Shokeen, Ekta; Katirci, Nihal; Soto, Hortensia; Baker, Justin; DeLiema, David; Kapur, Manu; Ellis, Amy; Lockwood, Elise; Plaxco, David; Alibali, Martha W.; Ramirez, Dennis
2015-07Navigating Connected Inquiry Learning with ScienceKitPauw, Daniel; Clegg, Tamara; Ahn, June; Bonsignore, Elizabeth; Yip, Jason C.; Uchidiuno, Judith
2020-06Navigating Dual Goals of Team Collaboration and Design Concept Development in a Middle School Bio-Inspired Robotics UnitWendell, Kristen; Shaw, Fay; Kshirsagar, Khushbu; Danahy, Ethan; Bernstein, Debra; Puttick, Gillian; Cassidy, Michael
2023Navigating Emergent Divisions in a Coalition for an Antiracist SchoolLouie, Nicole; Berland, Leema; Coviello, Amanda; Pacheco, Mariana
2022Navigating Making Space: Attending to Multiple Learning Pathways in Science LearningBell, Adam; Lee, Sarah; Haverly, Christa; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Johnson, Heather; Salgado, Michelle; Shim, Soo-Yean; Krist, Christina; Nation, Jasmine; Kang, Hosun
2022Navigating Moments of Tension and Uncertainty in Co-Design of University CurriculumLin, Sharon; Tierney, Gavin
2013-06Navigating Online Learning Environments in the ClassroomMartin, Caitlin K.; Barron, Brigid
2023Navigating Tensions: Dominant Traditions and Culturally Sustaining Practices in Music LearningCawelti, Lora; Peppler, Kylie
2022Navigating the Conceptual and Critical Demands of Data Literacy in High School Spaces Using Firsthand DataNoushad, Noora F.; Shim, Jooeun; Yoon, Susan A.
2013-06Navigating through Controversial Online Discussions: The Influence of Visualized RatingsBuder, Jürgen; Schwind, Christina; Rudat, Anja; Bodemer, Daniel
2018-07Navigating “Disability” in “Intensive Instruction”: Learner Complexity and Small EnvironmentsHunt, Jessica Heather
2022Nayah-Irú: The Design of a Participatory Game to Foster Critical Data Literacy Through Storytelling AndAleman, Ezequiel
2009-06The Needlework in evaluating a CSCL system: The Evaluand oriented Responsive Evaluation ModelJorrín-Abellán, Iván Manuel; Stake, Robert E.; Martínez-Monés, Alejandra
2008-06A Needs Analysis for Instructional Support in LegSimJoshi, Mahesh; Wang, Yi-Chia; Wilkerson, John; Rose, Carolyn
1999-12Negotiating about shared knowledge in a cooperative learning environmentPfister, Hans-Rüdiger; Wessner, Martin; Holmer, Torsten; Steinmetz, Ralf