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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999-12A Lab by Any Other Name: Integrating Traditional Labs and Computer-Supported Collaborative Investigations in Science ClassroomsBrown, Matthew W.; Edelson, Daniel C.
2008-06Laboratory Learning: Industry and University Research as Site for Situated and Distributed CognitionNewstetter, Wendy; Johri, Aditya; Wulf, Volker
2012-07Language Formality, Learning Environments, and Student AchievmentSchoerning, Emily; Hand, Brian
2005-05Language Learning in a Virtual Classroom: Synchronous Methods, Cultural ExchangesLaPointe, Deborah K.; Barrett, Kerrin A.
1999-12Language learning via e-mail - autonomy through collaborationSöntgens, Kirsten
2021-06Language, Modeling and Power: A Methodology for Analyzing Discourse in InteractionSherard, Maximilian K.; Petrosino, Anthony J.
2010-06Large Scale Analysis of Student Workbooks: What Can We Learn About Learning?Shechtman, Nicole; Roschelle, Jeremy
2008-06Leadership in Small Online Collaborative Learning Groups: A Distributed PerspectiveGressick, Julia; Derry, Sharon
2023Leadership of Transactive Discourse in Collaborative Problem SolvingOshima, Jun; Oshima, Ritsuko; Yamashita, Shotaro; Lu, Jun
2010-06Leading to Win: The Influence of Leadership Styles on Team Performance during a Computer Game TrainingSiewiorek, Anna; Gegenfurtner, Andreas
1995-10LEAP: A Constructivist Laserdisc Program for English/Language Arts Teacher EducationStephens, Liz C.
2007-07A Learnable Content & Participation Analysis Toolkit for Assessing CSCL Learning Outcomes and ProcessesLaw, Nancy; Yuen, Johnny; Huang, Ronghuai; Li, Yanyan; Pan, and Nicol
2014-06Learner Alignment with Expansive Framing as a Driver of TransferLam, Diane P.; Mendelson, Adam; Meyer, Xenia S.; Goldwasser, Lloyd
2021-06Learner Behavior and Career Benefits in Business Massive Open Online CoursesTrumbore, Anne
2018-07Learner Expertise and Emotional Design in Multimedia LearningChiu, Thomas K.F.
2013-06Learner-Support Agents for Collaborative Interaction: A Study on Affect and Communication ChannelsHayashi, Yugo
2012-07Learners as Informants of Educational Game DesignKim, Beaumie; Tan, Lynde; Kim, Mi Song
2021-06Learners’ Adjustment Strategies Following Impasses in Medical Simulations - Effects of Prior KnowledgeHeitzmann, Nicole; Stadler, Matthias; Radkowitsch, Anika; Fischer, Martin R.; Schmidmaier, Ralf; Fischer, Frank
2020-06Learners’ Emergent Designs for Play: Game Design as Mathematical Modeling PracticesBastani, Reyhaneh; Kim, Beaumie
2023Learners’ Emotion Responses: Interactive and Constructive LearningJung, Andrew C.; Park, Jinsook; Lee, Suk Jin