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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Learner Expertise and Emotional Design in Multimedia LearningChiu, Thomas K.F.
2017-07Learning About Climate Change Through CooperationApplebaum, Lauren R.; Fricke, Kyle W.; Vitale, Jonathan M.; Linn, Marcia C.
2015-07Learning about Collaborative Design for Learning in a Multi-Surface Design StudioMartinez-Maldonado, Roberto; Goodyear, Peter; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Thompson, Kate; Carvalho, Lucila; Prieto, Luis P.; Parisio, Martin
2015-07Learning about Team Members’ Preferences: Computer-Supported Preference Awareness in the Negotiation Preparation of TeamsThiemann, Daniel; Engelmann, Tanja; Hesse, Friedrich W.
2017-07Learning Alone or Together? A Combination Can Be Best!Olsen, Jennifer K.; Rummel, Nikol; Aleven, Vincent
2018-07Learning Analytics in Support of Qualitative AnalysisSherin, Bruce; Kersting, Nicole; Berland, Matthew
2017-07Learning Biology Coherently Through Complex Systems, Scientific Practices, and Agent-Based SimulationsPark, Miyoung; Anderson, Emma; Yoon, Susan
2018-07Learning Design Through Science vs. Science Through DesignMcBride, Elizabeth; Vitale, Jonathan; Linn, Marcia
2018-07Learning Engineering Practices Through Drones: Iterative design of an informal learning curriculumBhaduri, Srinjita; Van Horne, Katie; Sumner, Tamara; Russell, Randy; Ristvey, John D.
2016-07Learning Environments to Facilitate Students' Regulation in Knowledge BuildingSplichal, Jin MIchael; Oshima, Jun; Oshima, Ritsuko
2016-07The Learning Experiences of Youth Online Information BrokersYip, Jason C.; Gonzalez, Carmen; Katz, Vikki
2018-07Learning From Errors – The Effect of Comparison Prompts in Instruction After Problem Solving SettingsLoibl, Katharina; Leuders, Timo
2018-07Learning Loops: Affordances and Challenges of Project BloksLin, Veronica; Blikstein, Paulo
2018-07Learning Nanoscience Concepts Through a Nanoscale ExperienceLai, Polly K.; Jacobson, Michael; Goldwater, Micah
2015-07Learning Resilience in the Face of Bias: Online Gaming, Protective Communities and Interest-Driven Digital LearningRichard, Gabriela T.; Hoadley, Christopher
2016-07The Learning Sciences @ Scale: Current Developments in Open Online LearningSlotta, James D.; Hickey, Daniel; Rosé, Carolyn P.; Dillenbourg, Pierre; Najafi, Hedieh; Håklev, Stian; Uttamchandani, Suraj; Quick, Joshua
2018-07A Learning Sciences Perspective on the Development of Teachers’ Digital ThinkingChang, Yu-Hui
2018-07Learning Scientific Practices Through Participation as a Volunteer Community ScientistSwanson, Rebecca D.; Hinojosa, Leighanna; Polman, Joseph L
2016-07Learning the Learning Sciences: An Investigation of Newcomers’ Sociocultural IdeasHod, Yotam; Sagy, Ornit; ,
2016-07Learning to Argue: The Role of Peer AssessmentLiu, Shiyu