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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-12JavaCAP: A Collaborative Case Authoring Program on the WWWShabo, Amnon; Nagel, Kris; Guzdial, Mark; Kolodner, Janet
2013-06The Joint Action Theory in Didactics: A Case Study in Videoconferencing at Primary SchoolGruson, Brigitte; Sensevy, Gérard
2008-06Joint and Individual Knowledge Elaboration in CSCLDing, Ning
2022Joint Choice Time: A Metric for Better Understanding Collaboration in Interactive Museum ExhibitsBerland, Matthew; Kumar, Vishesh
2016-07Joint Idea-Building in Online Collaborative Group DiscussionsOng, Yann Shiou; Borge, Marcela
2023Joint Media Engagement as a Resource for Family Learning: Catalysts and Transmedia ConnectionsTroy, Flora; Barron, Brigid; Romero, Maria
2013-06Joint Reasoning About Gas Solubility in Water in Modified Versions of a Virtual LaboratoryKarlsson, Göran; Axelsson, Michael; Sunnerstam, Maria; Eriksson, Thommy
2022Joint Visual Attention and Collaboration in MinecraftProctor, Chris; Muller, Dalia Antonia Caraballo
2023Joint Visual Attention Predicts Learning in 1-On-1 Remote Teaching: A Dual Eye-Tracking StudySchneider, Bertrand; Feng, Tianyi; Sung, Gahyun
2007-07Just a Cog in the Machine: Participatory Robotics as a Tool for Understanding Collaborative Learning and Decision-makingBlikstein, Paulo; Rand, William; Wilensky, and Uri
2022Justice-Centered Ambitious Science Teaching in Community Spaces: Foregrounding Creativity, Connectedness and JoyLuehmann, April; Zhang, Yang; Smith, Jeremy; Sullivan, Kyle
2006-06Justification of Socioscientific Claims as the Basis for Assessing ArgumentationSadler, Troy D.
2013-06Juxtaposing Practice: Uptake as Modal TranspositionMedina, Richard; Suthers, Daniel
2022“Keep It in the Village”: A 25-Year Journey of Collective Concept Formation Transforming Financial Practices in a Rural Thai VillageMorales-Navarro, Luis; Fields, Deborah A.; Blikstein, Paulo
2022“Keeping Them With Us”: Constructing Equitable Online Spaces for the Theatre ClassroomYankova, Nickolina; Dahn, Maggie; Peppler, Kylie; Lee, Jenny; Montgomery, Amber; Moser, Sonja; Sikkema, Scott
2014-06Keeping Up: Shifting Access to Gateway Resources in a Cycling Community of PracticeDrake, Joel; Lee, Victor R.
2022Key Elements of a Critical Approach to Financial LiteracySandoval-Llanos, Jose
1997-12KidCode: Using Email to Structure Interactions for Elementary Mathematics InstructionBaker, Michelle; Cohen, Judith Levy; Moeller, Babette
2010-06Kindergarten and First-Grade Students' Representational Practices While Creating Storyboards of Honeybees Collecting NectarDanish, Joshua; Phelps, David
2014-06Kinecting in Physics: Student Conceptualization of Motion Through VisualizationAnderson, Janice; Wall, Steven