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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06“I Cannot Explain Why I Like This Shape Better Than That Shape”: Intercorporeality in Collaborative LearningDavidsen, Jacob; Ryberg, Thomas
2020-06“I Did Not Think We Did That Much Twists”: Using Video to Reanimate Embodied Experiences for Use in Scientific DiscussionsChapman, Katherine
2010-06I Don't Do Science: Urban Minority Girls' Science Identity Development in an Informal Authentic Science ContextLuehmann, April Lynn; Chaffee, Rachel; Tinelli, Liz; Fluet, Kimberly
2010-06"I don't know—I'm just genius!": Distinguishing Between the Process and the Product of Student Algebraic ReasoningGutierrez, Jose
2023“I Guess My Question is Like”: Problematizing in an Introductory College Physics LabJeon, Sophia; Descamps, Ian; Hammer, David
2018-07“I Have an Opinion about Science I Think Part is True and Part is Not”: Emergent Bilingual/Multilingual Adolescents “Figuring” Science Learning Through Virtual LabsKayumova, Shakhnoza; Cardello, Suzanne
2021-06“I Kept Going because We were Close”: Deepening Understandings of the Relational Work of RPPsStamatis, Kristina M.; Lee, Ung-Sang
2020-06I Solved it! Using the Rubik’s Cube to Support Mental Rotation in a Middle School Science ClassroomValerie, Jesslyn; Aylward, Gary; Varma, Keisha
2020-06“I Start Getting Deeper”: Voice Development as Evidence of Learning Through Art MakingDahn, Maggie
2010-06'I study features; believe me, I should know!': The mediational role of distributed expertise in the development of student authorityLanger-Osuna, Jennifer; Engle, Randi
2018-07‘I think it's kind of made everybody a little closer:’ A Virtual Platform Extending Parent Learning as Community of PracticeWalker, Susan
2016-07“I Think We Were Pretty Powerful This Summer as Scientists”: Generating New Possibilities for Youth of Color in ScienceVisintainer, Tammie
2020-06“I Thought We Said”: Perceived Peer Support, Discourse Cohesion, and Regulation in Engineering DesignNguyen, Ha; Lim, Kyu Yon; Wu, Lily; Fischer, Christian; Warschauer, Mark
2014-06I Want to be a Game Designer or Scientist: Connected Learning and Developing Identities with Urban, African-American YouthAhn, June; Subramaniam, Mega; Bonsignore, Elizabeth; Pellicone, Anthony; Waugh, Amanda; Yip, Jason
2023“I Will Be Your Informant”: Observing Young People’s Emergent Critical Platform Literacy DevelopmentLogan, Charles; Vakil, Sepehr
2022“I Would Rather Argue a Point”: How Academic Argument Writing Mediates Civic Cognition and Stifles Democratic DreamingMirra, Nicole; Garcia, Antero
2018-07"I'm Going to Fail": How Youth Interpret Failure Across Contextual BoundariesSimpson, Amber; Anderson, Alice; Maltese, Adam; Goeke, Megan
2009-06I.2 Approaches to Analyzing Interaction Tatiana: an environment to support the CSCL analysis processDyke, Gregory; Lund, Kristine; Girardot, Jean-Jacques
2009-06I.2.10 Learning as a practical achievement: An interactional perspectiveZemel, Alan; Cakir, Murat; Zhou, Nan; Stahl, Gerry
1996-07ICONCHESS: An Interactive CONsultant for CHESS MiddlegamesLaheri, Santos Gerardo; Heller, Rachelle