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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07“I Have an Opinion about Science I Think Part is True and Part is Not”: Emergent Bilingual/Multilingual Adolescents “Figuring” Science Learning Through Virtual LabsKayumova, Shakhnoza; Cardello, Suzanne
2018-07‘I think it's kind of made everybody a little closer:’ A Virtual Platform Extending Parent Learning as Community of PracticeWalker, Susan
2016-07“I Think We Were Pretty Powerful This Summer as Scientists”: Generating New Possibilities for Youth of Color in ScienceVisintainer, Tammie
2018-07"I'm Going to Fail": How Youth Interpret Failure Across Contextual BoundariesSimpson, Amber; Anderson, Alice; Maltese, Adam; Goeke, Megan
2016-07Idea Identification and Analysis (I2A): A Search for Sustainable Promising Ideas Within Knowledge-Building DiscourseLee, Vwen Yen Alwyn; Tan, Seng Chee; Chee, Joon Kit Kelvin
2018-07Identifying Expansive Learning in Democratic Activity: A CHAT/DBR Approach to Community-Based Design PartnershipsMeléndez, José W.
2018-07Identifying Methods to Induce Productive Confusion for Improving Performance in PhysicsSullins, Jeremiah; Console, Katie; Denton, Rebecca; Henrichson, Clayton
2018-07Identifying Reflective and Non-Reflective Group Consensus Strategies for Evidence-Based Scientific ArgumentationYoon, Susan; Park, Miyoung; Anderson, Emma
2018-07Identifying shifts in agency by analyzing authority in classroom group discussionKustusch, Mary Bridget; Sayre, Eleanor C; Franklin, Scott
2018-07If you add too much science, it gets boring. Exploring Students’ Conceptual Change in Game Design IterationsHovey, Christopher M; Matuk, Camillia; Hurwich, Talia A
2015-07Immersive Simulation on Collaborative Learning about a Complex Dynamic SystemKe, Fengfeng; Carafano, Peter
2018-07The Impact of a Lego Exhibit on Awareness of the Roles and Identities of EngineersSegovia, Gloria Alicia; Price, Aaron; Greenslit, Jana; Ibtasar, Rabia
2018-07The Impact of Evidence-Based Professional Development on Classroom DynamicsChen, Gaowei; Chan, Carol; Yu, Jinjian; Hu, Liru; Clarke, Sherice; Resnick, Lauren
2017-07The Impact of Peer Tutors’ Use of Indirect Feedback and InstructionsMadaio, Michael; Cassell, Justine; Ogan, Amy
2015-07Impacts on Student Understanding of Scientific Practices and Crosscutting Themes through an NGSS–Designed Computer-Supported Curriculum and Instruction ProjectYoon, Susan A.; Koehler-Yom, Jessica; Anderson, Emma; Oztok, Murat; Klopfer, Eric; Schoenfeld, Ilana; Wendel, Daniel; Sheldon, Josh; Scheintaub, Hal
2018-07Improving Elementary Students’ Literacy through Knowledge BuildingLin, Pei-Yi; Ma, Leanne; Chang, Yu-Hui; Hong, Huang-Yao; Lin, Chiu-Pin
2016-07In Search of Conversational Grain Size: Modeling Semantic Structure Using Moving Stanza WindowsSiebert-Evenstone, Amanda L.; Arastoopour, Golnaz; Collier, Wesley; Swiecki, Zachari; Ruis, Andrew R.; Shaffer, David Williamson
2018-07In the Hive: Designing for Emergence When Teaching Complex Systems In Early ChildhoodPeppler, Kylie A; Thompson, Naomi; Danish, Joshua; Moczek, Armin
2017-07Inclusive Collaborative Learning With Multi-Interface Design: Implications for Diverse and Equitable Makerspace EducationRichard, Gabriela; Giri, Sagun
2018-07Increasing the Use of Formative Feedback: Utilizing Game-Based PrinciplesChu, Man-Wai; Fowler, Teresa Anne