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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Hacking a Path In and Through STEM: Unpacking the STEM Identity Work of Historically Underrepresented Youth in STEMTan, Edna; Barton, Angela Calabrese
2016-07“Hearts Pump and Hearts Beat”: Engineering Estimation as a Form of Model-Based ReasoningKothiyal, Aditi; Murthy, Sahana; Chandrasekharan, Sanjay
2017-07High Accuracy Detection of Collaboration From Log Data and Superficial Speech FeaturesViswanathan, Sree Aurovindh; Vanlehn, Kurt
2017-07High School Students' Collaboration and Engagement With Scaffolding and Information as Predictors of Argument Quality During Problem-Based LearningBelland, Brian R.; Kim, Nam Ju; Weiss, David M.; Piland, Jacob
2016-07How a 6th Grade Classroom Develops Epistemologies for Building Scientific KnowledgeKrist, Christina
2018-07How Broad is Computational Thinking? A Longitudinal Study of Practices Shaping Learning in Computer ScienceProctor, Chris; Blikstein, Paulo
2015-07How Did a Grade 5 Community Formulate Progressive, Collective Goals to Sustain Knowledge Building Over a Whole School Year?Tao, Dan; Zhang, Jianwei; Huang, Yue
2017-07How Did a Grade 5 Science Community Co-Construct Collective Structures of Inquiry?Tao, Dan; Zhang, Jianwei
2018-07How Do Kindergarten and Primary School Children Justify Their Decisions on Planning Science Experiments?Haslbeck, Heidi; Lankes, Eva-Maria; Fritzsche, Eva S.; Kohlhauf, Lucia; Neuhaus, Birgit Jana
2018-07How Do Multilingual Learners Support One Another’s Science Learning and Participation?Tuvilla, Mavreen Rose S.; Wright, Casey E.; Ryu, Minjung; Daniel, Shannon M.
2016-07How Do We Assess Equity in Programming Pairs?Deitrick, Elise; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Gravel, Brian
2018-07“How do we pack the world into words?” Examining the collective of humans and non-humans in the science classroomWink, Donald J.
2018-07How Does Expansive Curricular Framing Support Productive Epistemological Framing of Computational Modeling Activities?Wagh, Aditi; Gouvea, Julia Svoboda
2018-07How Gender Cues in Educational Video Impact Participation and RetentionBrooks, Christopher; Gardner, Joshua; Chen, Kaifeng
2018-07How groups regulate their learning: The influence of achievement goals on self-, co- and shared regulation strategiesGreisel, Martin; Melzner, Nadine; Kollar, Ingo; Dresel, Markus
2015-07How Learners Employ Semiotic Resources for Collaborative Meaning-Making in Outdoor Mobile LearningTan, Esther; So, Hyo-Jeong
2018-07How Learning Outcomes are Measured in Digital Learning Environments in Higher EducationKümmel, Elke; Irle, Gabriele; Moskaliuk, Johannes; Kimmerle, Joachim; Cress, Ulrike
2017-07How Middle School Students Construct and Critique Graphs to Explain Cancer TreatmentMatuk, Camillia; Zhang, Jiayuan; Linn, Marcia C.
2016-07How Socio-Cognitive Information Affects Individual Study DecisionsSchnaubert, Lenka; Bodemer, Daniel
2018-07How Teachers Use Instructional Improvisation to Organize Science Discourse and Learning in a Mixed Reality EnvironmentDahn, Maggie; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua