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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Hacking a Path In and Through STEM: Unpacking the STEM Identity Work of Historically Underrepresented Youth in STEMTan, Edna; Barton, Angela Calabrese
2014-06Hands-on Small Group versus Whole Class Use of an Interactive Simulation: Qualitative ComparisonsStephens, A. Lynn; Clement, John J.
2022Harmonized Mutual Development Through Exploring and Creating SoundBooker, Angela N.; Minces, Victor
2023Harnessing Student-Generated Questions as a Learning StrategySharma, Mrinalini; Ma, Yutian; Sana, Faria
2020-06Harnessing the Power of Research + Practice: Aggregating Knowledge About Implementation to Better Support Equity Outcomes in SystemsCheng, Britte Haugan; Clark, Tiffany Lee; Van Horne, Katie
2014-06Hear What They Say and Watch What They Do: Predicting Valid Mathematical Proofs Using Speech and GesturePier, Elizabeth; Walkington, Candace; Williams, Caroline; Boncoddo, Rebecca; Waala, Jessica; Alibali, Martha W.; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2021-06The Heart of the Matter: High School Educators' Experiences of Teaching Project-Based LearningHira, Avneet; Anderson, Emma
2016-07“Hearts Pump and Hearts Beat”: Engineering Estimation as a Form of Model-Based ReasoningKothiyal, Aditi; Murthy, Sahana; Chandrasekharan, Sanjay
2006-06Helio-Room: Problem Solving in a Whole Class Visual SimulationThompson, Mark; Moher, Tom
2008-06Help design in a computer-based learning environment - teaching argumentation skills through the use of double-content-examplesSchworm, Silke; Bradler, Pia; Renkl, Alexander
2006-06Help-seeking Behavior and Learning with HypermediaGodbole-Chaudhuri, Pragati; Winters, Fielding I.; Azevedo, Roger; Hofman, Neil
2004-06Help-seeking in Interactive Learning Environments: Effectiveness of Help and Learner-related Factors in a Dyadic SettingBartholomé, Tobias; Stahl, Elmar; Bromme, Rainer
2010-06Helping Students Make Controlled Experiments More InformativeMcElhaney, Kevin; Linn, Marcia
2007-07Helping Teachers in Designing CSCL Scenarios: a Methodology Based on the LDL LanguageFerraris, Christine; Martel, Christian; Vignollet, and Laurence
2020-06HERA: Exploring the Power of Adaptive Scaffolding on Scientific Argumentation and Modelling Competencies in Online Learning SystemsRosen, Yigal; Arieli-Attali, Meirav; Ward, Susan; Seery, Jennifer; Simmering, Vanessa; Ozersky, Laurel; Stoeffler, Kristin; Webster, Kacy; von Davier, Alina
2020-06“Heritage Stories”: Co-constructing Heritage in a Museum SettingAdach, Aleksandra
2005-05A Heterogeneous Animated Platform for Educational Participatory SimulationsTomlinson, Bill
2023Heterogenous Sensemaking: How Multilingual Girls and a Teacher Engaged in Joint LearningKayumova, Shakhnoza; Kahveci, Esma Nur
2022The Hidden Meaning of Physical Interaction With Exhibits: The Relevance of the Instrumented Activity Situation ModelIłowiecka-Tańska, Ilona; vel Żabik, Katarzyna Potęga
2011-06Hidden Structures in Asynchronous Course Forums: Toward a Golden Ratio Population ParameterGorsky, Paul