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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Gaining an Insider Perspective on Learning physics in Hong Kongvan Aalst, Jan
2018-07Game Design Literacy as a Problem-Solving DispositionKim, Beaumie; Bastani, Reyhaneh
2020-06Game Making and Designerly ThinkingGee, Elisabeth; Pérez-Cortés, Luis; Kessner, Taylor
2004-06Game of the Moment: Constructed Game Playing in Young Children’s ClassroomWang, X. Christine
2008-06The Game Ontology Project: Supporting Learning While Contributing Authentically to Game StudiesZagal, José; Bruckman, Amy
2008-06Game Practices and Educational Design: Applying an Ethnographic Analysis of Game Play to an Educational Design ProblemSatwicz, Thomas
2014-06Game-Enabled Agency: Outcomes that MatterBarab, Sasha; Arici, Anna
2018-07Game-talk: Media-based mentoring as a process of reframing relationships and reframing perspectivesGould, Deena; Parekh, Priyanka
2020-06Gameful Learning: Designing with Motivation in MindHayward, Caitlin; Fishman, Barry
2022-03Gameful Learning: Leveraging the Learning Sciences to Improve the "Game of Learning"Fishman, Barry; Hayward, Caitlin
2013-06Gameplay as Assessment: Analyzing Event-Stream Player Data and Learning Using GBA (A Game-Based Assessment Model)Owen, V. Elizabeth; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Halverson, Richard
2019-06Gaming the Schoolyard: Promoting High School Students’ Collaborative Learning Through Geolocative Mobile Game DesignPerry, Judy
2012-07Gathering Evidence of Scientific Argumentation Practices: From Pre-Kindergarten to High SchoolLee, Tiffany; Oura, Hiroki; Scalone, Giovanna; Shutt, Kari; Bransford, John; Shouse, Andrew; Van Horne, Katie; Vye, Nancy; Munn, Maureen; Knuth, Randy
2020-06Gender and Gendered Discourse in Online STEM College CoursesHenricks, Genevieve; Bhat, Suma; Perry, Michelle
2002-01Gender and Programming Achievement in a CSCL EnvironmentBruckman, Amy; Jensen, Carlos; DeBonte, Austina
2020-06Gender Differences in Stress, Perceived Competence, and Perceived Choice During Remote Collaborative Problem SolvingYing, Kimberly Michelle; Rodríguez, Fernando J.; Boyer, Kristy Elizabeth
2008-06Gender, institutional structure and learning in an engineering collegeGarrison, Lari; Stevens, Reed; Jocuns, Andrew
1996-07Genderflexing: A Theory of Gender and Socio-Scientific Learning in a Multimedia CultureGoidman-Segall, Ricki
2009-06Generative conversations in game-based learningLee, Lai Har Judy; San Chee, Yam
2018-07GenEvo - An emergent systems microworld for model-based scientific inquiry in the context of genetics and evolutionDabholkar, Sugat; Anton, Gabriella; Wilensky, Uri