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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Fabric-based Computing: New Materials for Learning Computer ScienceKeune, Anna
2014-06Facilitating Design Research by Mapping Design Research TrajectoriesMa, Guanzhong; van Aalst, Jan
2018-07Facilitation in Informal MakerspacesLee, Sarah Priscilla; Bar-El, David; Martin, Kit; Worsley, Marcelo
2018-07Failure to Replicate Using Dialogue Videos in Learning: Lessons Learned from an Authentic CourseDing, Lu; Adams, Joshua Adams; Stephens, Michelle D; Brownell, Sara; Chi, Michelene T. H.
2014-06Family Creative Learning: Engaging parents and children as learning partners in creative technology workshopsRoque, Ricarose; Rusk, Natalie; Beck, Luisa; Chen, Xiaodi
2016-07Fighting for Desired Versions of a Future Self: Young African American Women's STEM-related Identity Negotiations in High SchoolAllen, Carrie D.; Eisenhart, Margaret
2014-06Filling in the Gaps: Capturing Social Regulation in an Interactive Tabletop Learning EnvironmentEvans, Abigail; Wobbrock, Jacob O.
2017-07Finding Collaboration Partners in a Scientific Community: The Role of Cognitive Group Awareness, Career Level, and Disciplinary BackgroundEberle, Julia; Stegmann, Karsten; Fischer, Frank; Barrat, Alain; Lund, Kristine
2014-06Finding Productivity in Design Task TinkeringQuan, Gina; Gupta, Ayush
2017-07Finding the Community in Online Education: It’s in the Instructors’ EyesSun, Na; Rosson, Mary Beth
2018-07Flow in Computer-Supported Collaborative Problem-SolvingMolinari, Gaelle; Avry, Sunny
2018-07A Focus on Contribution Towards Product and Performance in Collaborative DesignElliott, Colin Hennessy; Radke, Sarah C; Y., Jasmine
2018-07Formative feedback for learning. Case studies of automated feedback in undergraduate computer science educationMirmotahari, Omid; Damsa, Crina; Berg, Yngvar
2018-07Forms of Emergent Collaboration in Maker-Based LearningHalverson, Erica; Litts, Breanne K; Gravel, Brian
2017-07Fostering a Knowledge Building Community in a Primary Social Studies Class to Develop Humanistic View on Real World ProblemXuan, Andy Ng Ding; Lee, Teo Chew; Sedik, Zahira Mohd; Ling, Lee Yu
2015-07Fostering and Reflecting on Diverse Perspective-Taking in Role-Play Utilizing Puppets as the Catalyst Material under CSCLMochizuki, Toshio; Hirayama, Ryoya; Wakimoto, Takehiro; Sasaki, Hiroshi; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Suzuki, Hideyuki
2015-07Fostering Argumentation Skills in Mathematics with Adaptable Collaboration Scripts: Only Viable for Good Self-Regulators?Vogel, Freydis; Kollar, Ingo; Ufer, Stefan; Reichersdorfer, Elisabeth; Reiss, Kristina; Fischer, Frank
2014-06Fostering Awareness Content Creation by Self-Determined RegulationEngelmann, Tanja; König, Katrin; Kozlov, Michail D.
2016-07Fostering Collaborative Learning Through Knowledge Building Among Students With Low Academic AchievementYang, Yuqin; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol K. K.
2016-07Fostering Deliberative Discourse in Schools Towards the Constitution of a Deliberative DemocracySchwarz, Baruch; Rajala, Antti; Rosé, Carolyn P.; Clarke, Sherice; Fynes-Clinton, Elizabeth; Renshaw, Peter; Solli, Anne; Hillman, Thomas; Mäkitalo, Åsa; Goldberg, Tsafrir; Tammi, Tuure; Wegerif, Rupert