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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Fabric-based Computing: New Materials for Learning Computer ScienceKeune, Anna
2020-06Face-to-Face Holographic Agent Used as Catalyst for Learning and Employing Co-regulation in Collaborative DiscussionMochizuki, Toshio; Ishikawa, Naruaki; Egi, Hironori; Hisatomi, Ayane; Ishii, Yutaka; Yuki, Natsumi; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Kato, Hiroshi
2020-06Face-Work in Teacher Learning from Problems of PracticeMendler, Adi; Vedder-Weiss, Dana
2013-06Facilitating Belief Change via Computer-Supported Collaborative KnowledgeBuildingLi, Pei-Jung; Chang, Chih-Hsuan; Hong, Huang-Yao; Lin, Hsien-Ta
2020-06Facilitating Change: A Study of Supporting Teacher LearningJimenez, Raquel; Brennan, Karen
2020-06Facilitating Collaborative Diagnosing in Medicine with a Simulation: Effects of Adaptive and Static Information Sharing ScriptsRadkowitsch, Anika; Fischer, Martin R.; Schmidmaier, Ralf; Fischer, Frank
1997-12Facilitating Collaborative Learning in Distributed OrganizationsGreer, Jim; McCalla, Gordon; Kumar, Vive; Collins, Jason; Meagher, Paul
2023Facilitating Cross-Community Knowledge Building Through Multimodal Artifact CreationHuang, Robert
2014-06Facilitating Design Research by Mapping Design Research TrajectoriesMa, Guanzhong; van Aalst, Jan
2020-06Facilitating Discussion of Controversial Issues: Digital Practice SpaceKessner, Taylor; Tobias, Joshua; Kennett, Katrina; Kaka, Sarah; Francis, Tuf; Marvez, G. R.; Reich, Justin; Smith, Essence
2010-06Facilitating Group Learning in Science Laboratory Courses Using Handheld DevicesChung, Chen-Wei; Kuo, Wang-Hsin; Liu, Chen-Chung
2006-06Facilitating Inquiry using Technology and Teams in Exercise Physiology: The FITT ProjectCastelli, Darla M.; Evans, Ellen M.; Misic, Mark M.
2011-06Facilitating Knowledge Communities in Science Classrooms through Scripted CollaborationNajafi, Hedieh; Zhao, Naxin; Slotta, James
2002-01Facilitating Knowledge Convergence in Videoconferencing Environments: The Role of External Representation ToolsFischer, Frank; Mandl, Heinz
2022Facilitating Productive Struggle in Science Education: The Possible Benefits of Managing Scientific Uncertainty During SensemakingPark, Jongchan; Starrett, Emily; Chen, Ying-Chih; Jordan, Michelle E.
2006-06Facilitating Social Creativity through Collaborative DesigningSeitamaa-Hakkarainen, Pirita; Uotila, Minna
2012-07Facilitating Teachers' Integrated Technological Pedagogical Content KnowledgeChang, Hsin-Yi
2011-06Facilitating Web Design Skills through Online Design-Based Learning: The Case of Collaboration Scripts and Incomplete Concept MapsEl-Refai, Walid; Kollar, Ingo; Fischer, Frank
2018-07Facilitation in Informal MakerspacesLee, Sarah Priscilla; Bar-El, David; Martin, Kit; Worsley, Marcelo
2010-06Facilitation of reform based teacher identity development in pre-service teachers using post-activity reflection debriefsOcchino, Michael; Luehmann, April Lynn