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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01C-VISions: Socialized Learning through Collaborative, Virtual, Interactive SimulationsSan Chee, Yam; Hooi, Chit Meng
2023Can AI Disrupt Disinformation? Assisting Learners in Identifying Fake News Through an AI-Powered Platform Informed by Inoculation TheoryHong, Eury; Schechter, Brett I.; de Sousa, Inara B. F.; Prasetyo, Mutiara S.; Russo, Renato; Blikstein, Paulo
2023Can AI Help Teachers Write Higher Quality Feedback? Lessons Learned From Using the GPT-3 Engine in a Makerspace CourseSung, Gahyun; Guillain, Léonore; Schneider, Bertrand
2020-06Can an Instructor and Students Build Collaborative Partnership in an Online Course?Ouyang, Fan; Chang, Yu-Hui; Scharber, Cassandra
2020-06Can Cultural Insights Be Considered a Way to Trigger the Development of Future-Scaffolding Skills?Tasquier, Giulia; Barelli, Eleonora; Palmgren, Elina
2022Can Educational Researchers Help Reduce Accident Rates in a Big Construction Company?Manalo, Emmanuel; Ayabe, Hiroaki; Yoshida, Rio; Watanabe, Yuji; Tanabe, Akihiro
2020-06Can Instructional Prompts Support Effective Learner Behaviors with Tangible and Digital 3D Models?Orr, Matthew; Butcher, Kirsten
2022Can Mental Rotation Predict Performance in an Online Geometry Assignment?Smith, Hannah; Ramey, Kay; Heffernan, Neil; Uttal, David
2022“Can Molecules Change Their Color?” Exploring Students' Non-Canonical Ideas While Programming a Model of DiffusionFuhrmann, Tamar; Fernandez, Cassia; Blikstein, Paulo; de Deus Lopes, Roseli
2011-06Can participation and procrastination in discussion forums predict project performance in computer science courses?Yoo, Jaebong; Shaw, Erin; Kim, Jihie
2014-06Can Scaffolds from Pedagogical Agents Influence Effective Completion of Sub-Goals during Learning with a Multi-Agent Hypermedia-Learning Environment?Taub, Michelle; Azevedo, Roger; Mudrick, Nicholas; Clodfelter, Erika; Bouchet, François
2022Can Schools Fix the Gender Gap in STEM? A Comparative Study in the Global South About Gender Participation in Maker EducationRusso, Renato; Fuhrmann, Tamar; Goya, Akio; Blikstein, Paulo
2018-07Can Speaking Make Learning Easier? Verbal Rehearsal Effects on Cognitive Load, Learning Efficacy and PerformanceHatten-Roberts, Toni M.; Lodge, Jason M.
2004-06Can Students Collaboratively Use Hypermedia to Learn about Science? The Dynamics of Self-and Other-regulatory Processes in the ClassroomAzevedo, Roger; Winters, Fielding I.; Moos, Daniel C.
2009-06Can teachers' discussion lists be a tool for in-service collaborative learning? What reveals a three years analysis?Caviale, Olivier; Bruillard, Éric
2020-06Can Technology Empower the Public to Think Scientifically? The Case of nQuireHerodotou, Christothea; Sharples, Mike; Scanlon, Eileen
2012-07Can Technology-Based Gaze Replays of Experts Model Diagnostic Performance of Novices? A Test in Medical EducationSeppänen, Marko; Gegenfurtner, Andreas
2013-06Can We Increase Students' Motivation to Learn Science by Means of Web-Based Collaborative Inquiry?Raes, Annelies; Schellens, Tammy
2017-07Can We Rely on IRR? Testing the Assumptions of Inter-Rater ReliabilityEagan, Brendan R.; Rogers, Bradley; Serlin, Ronald; Ruis, Andrew R.; Irgens, Golnaz Arastoopour; Shaffer, David Williamson
2012-07The Candy Factory Game: An Educational iPad Game for Middle School Algebra-ReadinessEvans, Michael; Norton, Anderson; Deater-Deckard, Kirby; Chang, Mido