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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Back in the Day, Shaping Tomorrow: Stakeholder Collaboration to Support Youth Learning About Local Public HistoryLubbock, Helen; Hostetler, Andrew; Hall, Rogers; Washington, Lorenzo
2020-06Back to Computational Transparency: Co-designing With Teachers to Integrate Computational Thinking in Science ClassroomsBain, Connor; Anton, Gabriella; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2019-06BacToMars: A Collaborative Video Game for BioDesignVerish, Clarissa; Strawhacker, Amanda; Westendorf, Lauren; Pollalis, Christina; Sullivan, Amanda; Loparev, Anna; Bers, Marina; Shaer, Orit
2019-06Balancing the Scales: Implications of Model Size for Mathematical EngagementPeppler, Kylie; Sedas, R. Mishael; Keune, Anna; Uttamchandani, Suraj
2014-06Becoming a Computer Scientist: Early Results of a Near-Peer and Social Justice Program with Latino/a ChildrenDenner, Jill; Martinez, Jacob; Thiry, Heather
2020-06Becoming a Dentist: Tracing Professional Identity Development Through Mixed Methods Data Mining of Student ReflectionsWise, Alyssa; Reza, Sameen; Han, Rujun
2014-06Becoming a Professional through Virtual PracticeMcKay, Tabitha; Cantarero, Andrea; Svihla, Vanessa; Jimenez, Elizabeth Yakes; Castillo, Tim
2021-06Becoming a STEAM-Teacher: Co-Construction of a Zone of Proximal Identity Development to Support Program ImplementationStamatis, Kristina M.; Pradhan, Ishita; Penuel, William R.
2012-07Becoming a Writer: Examining Preschoolers' Interactions, Modes of Participation, and Use of Resources at the Writing CenterGillespie, Amy; Rowe, Deborah
2014-06Becoming a Youth Worker in a Classroom Community of PracticeRoss, Laurie
2014-06Becoming Agents of Change through Participation in a Teacher-Driven Professional Research CommunityRoss, Michael; Van Dusen, Ben; Otero, Valerie
2014-06Becoming an Activist-Mathematician in an Age of AusterityEsmonde, Indigo; Curnow, Joe; Riviere, Dominique
2014-06Becoming an Activist: Learning the Politics and Performances of Youth Activism Through Legitimate Peripheral ParticipationCurnow, Joe
2016-07Becoming an “Expert”: Gendered Positioning, Praise, and Participation in an Activist CommunityCurnow, Joe; Chan, Jody R.
2018-07Becoming Facilitators of Creative Computing in Out-of-School SettingsRoque, Ricarose; Jain, Rupal
2014-06Becoming More Mathematical: New Directions for Describing and Designing for Positive Dispositions Toward MathematicsKumar, Melissa; Sengupta-Irving, Tesha; Enyedy, Noel; Gresalfi, Melissa; Langer-Osuna, Jennifer; Sfard, Anna; Gutiérrez, Kris D.
2014-06Becoming Reflective: Designing for Reflection on Physical PerformancesMoher, Tom; Ching, Cynthia Carter; Schaefer, Sara; Lee, Victor R.; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua A.; Guerra, Paulo; Gnoli, Alessandro; Pazmino, Priscilla Jimenez; Silva, Brenda A. López; Lyons, Leilah; Perritano, Anthony; Slattery, Brian; Tissenbaum, Mike; Slotta, James D.; Cober, Rebecca; Fong, Cresencia; Rubin, Andee
2020-06Becoming Tidier Over Time: Studying #tidytuesday as a Social Media-Based Context for Learning to Visualize DataRosenberg, Joshua; Schmidt, Anthony; Rosenberg, Aaron; Longnecker, Jennifer; Mann, Michael
2020-06Becoming Together: Creating and Looking at Collaborations as Learning ProductsKumar, Vishesh; Jayathirtha, Gayithri; Halverson, Erica; Carter-Stone, Laura; Leander, Kevin; Tissenbaum, Mike; Wheeler, Nathan; Litts, Breanne K.
2018-07Becoming, being, and sometimes leaving: A longitudinal ethnographic perspective of climate scientists’ participation in science and educationWalsh, Elizabeth