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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Becoming an “Expert”: Gendered Positioning, Praise, and Participation in an Activist CommunityCurnow, Joe; Chan, Jody R.
2018-07Becoming Facilitators of Creative Computing in Out-of-School SettingsRoque, Ricarose; Jain, Rupal
2018-07Becoming, being, and sometimes leaving: A longitudinal ethnographic perspective of climate scientists’ participation in science and educationWalsh, Elizabeth
2017-07Behavioral and Relationship Patterns in an Online Collaborative Reading ActivityWan, Hai-Peng; Wang, Qi; Yu, Sheng-Quan
2018-07Beyond Analogy: Qualitative Dimensions of Comparing in Math ClassWhite, Sarah L
2015-07Beyond and Within Classroom Walls: Designing Principled Pedagogical Tools for Student and Faculty UptakeCharles, Elizabeth S.; Lasry, Nathaniel; Whittaker, Chris; Dugdale, Michael; Lenton, Kevin; Bhatnagar, Sameer; Guillemette, Jonathan
2018-07Beyond Copy Room Collaboration: A Case Study of Online Informal Teacher Professional LearningAnderson, Robin Keturah
2017-07Beyond Demographic Boxes: Relationships Between Students’ Cultural Orientations and Collaborative CommunicationPerera, Nishan; Wise, Alyssa Friend
2016-07Beyond Just Getting Our Word Out: Creating Pipelines From Learning Sciences Research to Educational PracticesJacobson, Michael J.; Lund, Kristine; Hoadley, Christopher; Vatrapu, Ravi; Kolodner, Janet L.; Reimann, Peter
2015-07Beyond Pedagogical Challenges: Addressing the Social Aspects around the Use of Digital Resources in University EducationRossitto, Chiara; Hernwall, Patrik; Collin, Jonas
2018-07Biohacking Food: A Case Study of Science Inquiry and Design Reflections about a Synthetic Biology High School WorkshopWalker, Justice Toshiba; Shaw, Mia; kafai, yasmin; Lui, Debora
2018-07BioSCANN: A Collaborative Learning Platform That Scaffolds Scientific Inquiry in the Context of Interrupted Case StudiesSchneider, Leslie; Jacque, Berri H; Henry, Jessica
2018-07Blending Mathematical and Physical Negative-nessHuynh, Tra; Sayre, Eleanor C
2016-07Blending Play and Inquiry in Augmented Reality: A Comparison of Playing a Video Game to Playing Within a Participatory ModelDeLiema, David; Saleh, Asmalina; Lee, Christine; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua; Illum, Randy; Dahn, Maggie; Humburg, Megan; Mahoney, Charlie
2018-07Blocks or Text? How programming language modality makes a difference in assessing underrepresented populationsWeintrop, David; Killen, Heather; Franke, Baker E
2015-07Boundary Interactions: Resolving Interdisciplinary Collaboration Challenges Using Digitized Embodied PerformancesFlood, Virginia J.; Neff, Michael; Abrahamson, Dor
2018-07Bridging Multiple Ecologies to Support and Research Learning in Contested SpacesWeidler-Lewis, Joanna; Graville, Cynthia Story; Gould, Mary
2016-07Bringing Computational Thinking Into High School Mathematics and Science ClassroomsOrton, Kai; Weintrop, David; Beheshti, Elham; Horn, Michael; Jona, Kemi; Wilensky, Uri
2018-07Bringing Practices of Co-Design and Making to Basic EducationRiikonen, Sini; Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, Pirita; Hakkarainen, Kai
2018-07Bringing Static Code to Life: The Instructional Work of Animating Computer Programs With the BodyFlood, Virginia J; DeLiema, David; Abrahamson, Dor