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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Visual Augmentation of Deictic Gestures in MOOC VideosSharma, Kshitij; D'Angelo, Sarah; Gergle, Darren; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2018-07Visual Feedback for Asynchronous Online Interaction: Exploratory Study on the Pattern of Other-regulationLim, Ji Young; Lee, Ji Hyun; Lim, Kyu Yon
2018-07The visual test of science identity (VTSI)Semerjian, Amy R.; Duesbery, Luke; Slotta, Jim
2018-07Visualizations of Community Knowledge for Supporting Middle School Students to Model Phenomena in Scientific InquiryLui, Michelle; Moher, Tom; Silva, Brenda Lopez
2018-07Visualizing Complex Classrooms Through Real Time ObservationsHuang, Joey; Gomoll, Andrea Sarah; Tolar, Erin; Silver, Cindy Hmelo; Sabanovic, Selma
2018-07Visualizing Knowledge in the Era of Instructional Software and Gamification. Challenges in Design, Method and Practical UseTernblad, Eva-Maria; Gulz, Agneta
2018-07“We Were on the Same Level”: Young Engineering Researchers Taking Up Agentive Positions in a Diverse Learning CommunityWakefield, Wendy; Jordan, Michelle E. Jordan; DeLaRosa, Mia
2016-07What Are Crosscutting Concepts in Science? Four Metaphorical PerspectivesRivet, Ann E.; Weiser, Gary; Lyu, Xiaoxin; Li, Yi; Rojas-Perilla, Diego
2016-07What Do Learning Scientists Do? A Survey of the ISLS MembershipYoon, Susan A.; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.
2016-07What Happens to the Innovation When Project Funding Ends? Learning Architecture Matters!Law, Nancy; Liang, Leming; Lee, Yeung
2015-07What Kind of World Do You Want to Live In? Positive Interdependence and Collaborative Processes in the Tangible Tabletop Land-Use Planning Game YoutopiaWise, Alyssa Friend; Antle, Alissa Nicole; Warren, Jillian; May, Aaron; Fan, Min; Macaranas, Anna
2018-07What’s the Difference? A Closer Look at Idea-Centric Analysis of Online Discourse in K12 and Higher Education SettingsLee, Alwyn Vwen Yen; Tan, Seng Chee
2018-07When is it safe enough? Considering Diversity and Equity When Brokering Pre-Professional Opportunities to Youth of ColorSanto, Rafi; Ching, Dixie; Levenson, Eda; White, Geneva; Cordero, Mikey; Peppler, Kylie A; Hoadley, Christoper
2017-07Which Visualization Guides Learners Best? Impact of Available Partner- and Content-Related Information on Collaborative LearningErkens, Melanie; Bodemer, Daniel
2017-07Who Signs Up and Who Stays? Attraction and Retention in an After-School Computer-Supported ProgramRenken, Maggie; Cohen, Jonathan; Ayer, Tugba; Calandra, Brendan; Fuqua, Aeslya
2017-07Whose Culture Is It? Modeling the Designs of Authentic Learning Environments and the Cultures They MediateHod, Yotam; Sagy, Ornit
2018-07Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?: Focusing on Socioemotional Climates to Understand Emotions in Collaborative LearningLobczowski, Nikki G.
2018-07Will Time Tell? Exploring the Relationship Between Step Duration and Student PerformanceChounta, Irene-Angelica; Carvalho, Paulo
2018-07Words Mean Things: How Museum Workers’ Discursive Practices Position the Diverse Communities They Seek to EngageVillanosa, Krystal; Horn, Mike
2016-07Writing Analytics for Epistemic Features of Student WritingKnight, Simon; Allen, Laura; Littleton, Karen; Rienties, Bart; Tempelaar, Dirk