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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Professional Development for Secondary Science Teachers: A Faded Scaffolding Approach to Preparing Teachers to Integrate ComputingTofel-Grehl, Colby; Searle, Kristin A; Feldon, David F
2018-07Professional Development of Science Teachers in Underserved Communities: an Initial Report from the FieldFuhrmann, Tamar; Fernandez, Cassia; Hochgreb-Haegele, Tatiana; Blikstein, Paulo
2014-06The Programmers’ Collective: Connecting Collaboration and Computation in a High School Scratch Mashup Coding WorkshopFields, Deborah A.; Vasudevan, Veena; Kafai, Yasmin B.
2018-07Projected Worlds: How Informal Digital Learning Organizations Conceptualize Organizing Youth FuturesSanto, Rafi; Sarmiento, Juan Pablo; Ahn, June
2014-06Promoting 5th Graders’ Views of Science and Scientific Inquiry in an Epistemic-Enriched Knowledge- Building EnvironmentLin, Feng; Chan, Carol K. K.; van Aalst, Jan
2018-07Promoting Cognitive Processes of Knowledge IntegrationMishra, Shitanshu; Iyer, Sridhar
2014-06Promoting Diversity within the Maker Movement in Schools: New Assessments and Preliminary ResultsBlikstein, Paulo; Chen, Vivian; Martin, Andrew
2015-07Promoting Interaction by Integrating a Question and Answer Forum with a Digital TextbookWalker, Erin; Chakravarthi, Rohit; Rodriguez, James; Wylie, Ruth
2014-06Promoting Science Identification and Learning through Contemporary Scientific Investigations Using Practice-Focused InstructionVan Horne, Katie
2014-06Promoting Student Learning through Automated Formative Guidance on Chemistry DrawingsRafferty, Anna N.; Gerard, Libby; McElhaney, Kevin; Linn, Marcia C.
2016-07Providing Adaptive Scaffolds and Measuring Their Effectiveness in Open Ended Learning EnvironmentsBasu, Satabdi; Biswas, Gautam
2018-07Public Peer Review Motivates Higher Quality FeedbackWang, Xu; Chen, Yali; Godley, Amanda Godley; Rosé, Carolyn
2014-06Purposeful Learning across Collaborative Educational SpacesPargman, Teresa Cerratto; Otero, Nuno; Milrad, Marcelo; Spikol, Daniel; Kutsson, Ola; Ramberg, Robert
2016-07Qualitative Analysis of Video Data: Standards and HeuristicsRamey, Kay E.; Champion, Dionne N.; Dyer, Elizabeth B.; Keifert, Danielle T.; Krist, Christina; Meyerhoff, Peter; Villanosa, Krystal; Hilppö, Jaakko
2016-07Qualitative and Quantitative Information in Cognitive Group Awareness Tools: Impact on Collaborative LearningErkens, Melanie; Schlottbom, Patrick; Bodemer, Daniel
2016-07A Qualitative Exploration of Self- and Socially Shared Regulation in Online Collaborative LearningHensley, Lauren; Cutshall, Jessica; Law, Victor; Xie, Kui; Lu, Lin
2018-07Qualitative Measures of Equity in Small GroupsArchibeque, Benjamin Archibeque; Kustusch, Mary Bridget; Genz, Florian; Franklin, Scott; Sayre, Eleanor C
2018-07The Quality of Open Online Learning and Education: Towards a Quality Reference Framework for MOOCsStracke, Christian M.; Tan, Esther
2018-07Re-Engaging Youth: Using Discourse Analysis to Explore Individual Agency and Community BelongingTierney, Gavin
2014-06Re-grow Your City: A NetLogo Curriculum Unit on Regional DevelopmentHjorth, Arthur; Wilensky, Uri