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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Scaling a System of Professional Learning for Formative Assessment Co-Design: The Aspire ProjectFurtak, Erin; Deverel-Rico, Clarissa; Buell, Jason; Henson, Kate; Tayne, Kelsey
2019-06Scaling Dialogic Peer Feedback via Learning Analytics and ScriptsEr, Erkan; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Gasevic, Dragan
2011-06Scaling Dynamic Mathematics Reform: Findings from the SunBay Pilot StudyVanover, Charles; Roy, George; Unal, Zafer; Fueyo, Vivian; Collier, Nicole; Vahey, Phil
2020-06Scaling High School AP Computer Science: Access and Outcomes from Chicago Public SchoolsWachen, John; Shelton, Adam; McGee, Steven; Rasmussen, Andrew; Wheeler, Erica; Dettori, Lucia
2020-06Scaling Just Like Experts Do: Results of an Expert Interview StudyMazziotti, Claudia; Doenmez, Rüya; Roschelle, Jeremy
2010-06Scaling Practices of Spatial Analysis and ModelingHall, Rogers; Ma, Jasmine; Leander, Kevin; Taylor, Katie; Phillips, Nathan
2016-07Scaling Studio-Based Learning Through Social Innovation NetworksSmirnov, Natalia; Easterday, Matthew W.; Gerber, Elizabeth M.
2021-06Scaling Teacher Candidates’ Family Engagement Training Through Simulations and Artificial IntelligenceSebastian, Rose; Datta, Debajyoti
2008-06Scaling Technology-Enhanced Science Curriculum: Leadership Development in a Community of PrincipalsGerard, Libby; Bowyer, Jane; Linn, Marcia
2020-06Scaling Up and Scaling Out Situative Design of Online/Hybrid Instruction and AssessmentHickey, Daniel; Itow, Rebecca
2016-07Scaling Up Productive Disciplinary Engagement With Participatory Learning and AssessmentHickey, Daniel T.; Uttamchandani, Suraj; Quick, Joshua D.
2009-06SCAN tools for collaborative learningBuder, Jürgen; Bodemer, Daniel; Dehler, Jessica; Engelmann, Tanja
2020-06Scenius at YOUmedia: Supporting and Sustaining Young People's Collective GeniusLund, Virginia Killian
2011-06School Network for Enhancing Student Information Literacy Across the CurriculumKwok, Ching Yin; Lau, Siu Fan; Choi, Yin Wai Yvonne; Chan, Lok Sze
2023Schoolyard SITES: School-community Partnership to Learn about Teaching Locally-Relevant Citizen ScienceHonwad, Sameer; Gengarelly, Lara; Glenn, Megan; Froburg, Erik; Clyde, Malin; Andreozzi, Haley
2023Science and Engineering for What? A Large-Scale Analysis of Students' Projects in Science FairsEloy, Adelmo; Ferraz, Thomas Palmeira; Alves, Fellip Silva; de Deus Lopes, Roseli
2023Science and Mathematics Teacher Retention: A Collective Analysis and Comparison Between Master Teachers and Other TeachersEkmekci, Adem; Aqazade, Mahtob; McGraw, Rebecca
2018-07Science Engagement and Identities in Everyday Family LifeVedder-Weiss, Dana
2010-06Science Learning as the Objectification of DiscourseOtero, Valerie
2022Science Learning Through DrawingJin, Qingna