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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996-07SAGE Storytellers: Learning about Identity, Language and TechnologyUmaschi, Marina
2004-06Sam Goes to School: Story Listening Systems in the ClassroomKehoe, Colleen; Cassell, Justine; Goldman, Susan; Dai, James; Gouldstone, Ian; MacLeod, Shaunna; O’Day, Traci; Pandolfo, Anna; Ryokai, Kimiko; Wang, Austin
2013-06SANCTUARY: Asymmetric Interfaces for Collaborative Science Learning in Shared Space(s)Haas, Jason
2018-07The Santa Trap: When Scaffolding is Not Enough to Challenge Teachers' Pervasive BeliefsOrrill, Chandra Hawley; Brown, Rachael Eriksen
2011-06A Scaffolded Software Tool for L2 Vocabulary Learning: GroupScribbles with Graphic OrganizersChen, Wenli; Looi, Chee Kit; Wen, Yun
2012-07Scaffolding a Knowledge Community for High School PhysicsTissenbaum, Mike; Slotta, Jim
2020-06Scaffolding a Lesson With Noisy Data: One Physics Lesson, Two Teacher ApproachesStephens, A. Lynn; St. Clair, Natalya; Ediss, Brandi; Lee, Hee-Sun
2013-06Scaffolding a Technical Community of Students through Social Gaming: Lessons from a Serious Game EvaluationRughiniş, Răzvan
2012-07Scaffolding and Assessing Knowledge Building among Chinese Tertiary Students Using EportfoliosLei, Chunlin; Chan, Carol K.K.
2014-06Scaffolding Argumentation Competence: The Shift from First to Second Order Skill AcquisitionNoroozi, Omid; Kirschner, Paul A.; Biemans, Harm J. A.; Mulder, Martin
2018-07Scaffolding Authentic Scientific Inquiry Experiences for Early Elementary Learners using Wearable TechnologyByrne, Virginia L; kang, Seokbin; Norooz, Leyla; Velez, Rafael; Katzen, Monica; Addeh, Afe; Froehlich, Jon; Clegg, Tamara
2004-06Scaffolding Causal ReasoningJonassen, David; Hung, Woei; Strobel, Johannes; Schmidt, Matthew; Cho, Moon-Heum
1996-07Scaffolding Causal, Diagnostic Reasoning in a Case-Based Learning Environment in MedicineJonassen, David
2010-06Scaffolding Children's Understanding of the Fit Between Organisms and their Environment In the Context of the Practices of ScienceMetz, Kathleen; Sisk-Hilton, Stephanie; Berson, Eric; Ly, Uyen
2012-07Scaffolding Collaborative Sensemaking during Critique of Explanations in Technology-Enhanced Science CurriculumSato, Elissa; Svihla, Vanessa
2022Scaffolding Computational-Thinking Moves for Collective Knowledge Advancement in Multidisciplinary CollaborationFeng, Xueqi; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhao, Jianhua; Liu, Kun
2021-06Scaffolding Debugging That Uses TinkeringKim, ChanMin; Belland, Brian R.
2021-06Scaffolding Epistemic Understanding of Discourse and Knowledge Building Using Knowledge-Forum Analytics and Reflective AssessmentTong, Yuyao; Chan, Carol K. K.
2009-06Scaffolding for computer supported writing to learn activities in vocational trainingGavota, Monica; Bétrancourt, Mireille; Schneider, Daniel; Richle, Urs
2002-01Scaffolding Group Learning in a Collaborative Networked EnvironmentWu, Amy S.; Farrell, Rob; Singley, Mark K.