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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06The Role of People Knowledge in Learning Narrative and Domain ContentDavis, Joan; Lee, Tiffany; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2008-06The role of place in science learning among urban middle school students: Science as a contextBarton, Angela Calabrese; Lim, Miyoun; Tan, Edna
2023The Role of Positioning in the Ecological Learning of Human Youth Making for Pet CompanionsParekh, Priyanka; Polman, Joseph L.; Kane, Shaun; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2007-07The Role of Problematizing Moves in Online Knowledge Building ActivitiesLai, Ming
2020-06The Role of Productive Ambiguity in Shaping Teachers’ Sensemaking and Implementation of Science Education ReformAllen, Carrie
2014-06The Role of Scientific and Social Academic Norms in Student Negotiations while Building Astronomy ModelsCook, Melissa Sunshine; Enyedy, Noel
2023The Role of Social Interactions and Cognition in Digital SpacesÖztok, Murat
2018-07The Role of Social-academic Goals in Chinese Students’ Self-regulated LearningWang, Jing; Liu, Kun; Ma, Guanzhong
2017-07Role of Socio-Emotional Interactions on Mutual Trust and Shared Mental Models in a Case Study of Programming TeamsKazemitabar, Maedeh A.; Lajoie, Susanne P.
2014-06The Role of Stated Relationships in Detecting Contradictions Between Multiple Representations in ScienceBurkett, Candice; Goldman, Susan R.; Britt, M. Anne
2010-06The Role of Student Agency and Sustained Inquiry on Collaboration and Learning of Science PracticesShutt, Kari; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John
1996-07The Role of Student Tasks in Accessing Cognitive Media TypesByrne, Michael; Guzdial, Mark; Ram, Preeth; Catrambone, Richard; Ram, Ashwin; Stasko, John; Shippey, Gordon; Albrech, Florian
2012-07The Role of Technologies in Facilitating Collaborative EngagementSinha, Suparna; Adams, Karlyn; Rogat, Toni Kempler-; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy
2006-06The Role of Technology in Preservice Teachers’ Images of Their Future ClassroomCullen, Theresa A.
2006-06The Role of the Backchannel in Collaborative Learning EnvironmentsYardi, Sarita
1996-07The Role of the Content Expert in the Learning CommunityPetrosino, Anthony J.
2022The Role of the Physical Space in Distributed IntelligenceTissenbaum, Mike; Lindgren, Robb; Danish, Joshua; Kim, Taehyun; Zeng, Litong; Planey, James; Mercier, Emma; Kang, Jina; Vickery, Morgan; Zhou, Mengxi; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Germinaro, Kaleb; Shapiro, Ben Rydal; Gilliam, Sierra; Slotta, Jim; Moher, Tom; Kumar, Vishesh; Kimball, Nathan; Roberts, Jessica; Leinart, Kyle; Pea, Roy
2015-07The Role of Time, Engagement, and Self-Perceived Leadership on Peer-Nominated Emergent Leadership in Small Group Online Collaborative LearningXie, Kui; Sun, Zhiru; Lu, Lin
2020-06The Role of Uncertainty in Social Regulation of LearningDragnić-Cindrić, Dalila; Greene, Jeff; Anderson, Janice
2022The Role of Visual Representations in Impasses During Collaborative Problem Solving in Undergraduate ChemistryBeier, Joel P.; Rau, Martina A.