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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-06New Perspectives on Learning Through (Game) DesignHayes, Elisabeth; Gee, James Paul; Games, Ivan Alex; Torres, Robert; Peppler, Kylie; Kafai, Yasmin; Pinkard, Nichole; Klopfer, Eric; Scheintaub, Hal; Rogers, Maryanna; Forssell, Karin; Martin, Caitlin Kennedy; Barron, Brigid; Eugene, Wanda; Daily, Shaundra; Acholonu, Ugochi; Takeuchi, Lori; Walter, Sarah; Briggs, Kristen
2005-05A New Role for Computer-Mediated Communication in Engaging Teacher Learning within Informal Professional CommunitiesHui, Diane
2021-06New Views, New Roles: How Parents Supported Learning during the Transition to Remote LearningBarron, Brigid; Martin, Caitlin K.; Lin, Veronica; Lam, Cindy K.; Pozos, Rose K.; Ngyuen, Judy; Garcia, Susie; Levy, Zohar
2016-07Newcomer Integration in Online Knowledge Communities: Exploring the Role of Dialogic Textual ComplexityNistor, Nicolae; Dascălu, Mihai; Trăușan-Matu, Ștefan
2017-07Newcomer Integration Strategies in Blogger Online Knowledge Building Communities: A Dialog AnalysisNistor, Nicolae; Serafin, Yvonne
1997-12Ninth Graders’ Use of a Shared Database in an Internet Research Project: Issues of Collaboration and Knowledge-BuildingKupperman, Jeff; Wallace, Raven; Bos, Nathan
2016-07No Lives Left: How Common Game Features Could Undermine Persistence, Challenge-Seeking and Learning to ProgramMalkiewich, Laura J.; Lee, Alison; Slater, Stefan; Xing, Chenmu; Chase, Catherine C.
2005-05No Need to Read Messages Right Now: Helping Mediators to Steer Educational Forums Using Statistical and Visual InformationGerosa, Marco Aurélio; Pimentel, Mariano Gomes; Fuks, Hugo; Lucena, Carlos J.P.
2016-07No One Ever Steps in the Same Discussion Twice: The Relationship Between Identities and MeaningÖztok, Murat; Arvaja, Maarit
2021-06No Player Left Behind: Exploring the Use of Collaborative Talk in a Playfixing ActivityGao, Yuchan; Bernier, Jeremy; Kessner, Taylor M.; Cortés, Luis E. Pérez; Gee, Elisabeth R.
1999-12Nodal and Matrix Analyses of Communication Patterns in Small GroupsWortham, Donald W
2005-05Non-linear Dynamical Development of CSCL CommunitiesSha, Li; van Aalst, Jan
1996-07NORIS: Supporting Computational Science Activities through Learner-CenteredQuitana, Chris; Abotel, Kasem; Soloway, Elliot
2014-06Not a Magic Bullet: The Effect of Scaffolding on Knowledge and Attitudes in Online SimulationsRoll, Ido; Briseño, Adriana; Yee, Nikki; Welsh, Ashley
2009-06Notational effects on use of collaboratively constructed representations during individual essay writingVatrapu, Ravi; Suthers, Daniel; Medina, Richard
2021-06Noticing, Understanding, and Encouraging Positive Engagement with Collaborative History LearningHumburg, Megan; Craig, Kalani; Szostalo, Maksymilian; Danish, Joshua; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; McCranie, Ann
2022Novice Versus Advanced Undergraduate Computing Students’ Engagement in Collaboration in an Online Flipped ClassroomVickery, Morgan; Mithun, Shamima
2011-06NumberNet: Using Multi-Touch Technology to Support Within and Between-Group Mathematics LearningHatch, Andrew; Higgins, Steve; Joyce-Gibbons, Andrew; Mercier, Emma
2004-06Numerically Driven Inferencing about Abortion: Estimation and Rate Feedback’s Diverse Effects on Personal Policies and Justificationsde Osuna, Jennifer Garcia; Ranney, Michael; Nelson, Janek; Germine, Laura
2006-06Nurses' Informal Argument: Learning to Justify the Claim and Reach AgreementHagler, Debra; Brem, Sarah