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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Sink or Swim: Understanding the Evolution of User Behaviors in an Online Educational CommunityYuan, Min; Ye, Lei; Recker, Mimi
1999-12The situated effects of awareness in distributed collaborative learning: Interactive 3D an exampleFjuk, Annita; Krange, Ingeborg
2016-07Situated Learning, Situated Knowledge: Situating Racialization, Colonialism, and Patriarchy Within Communities of PracticeCurnow, Joe
2008-06Situated Multimedia Learning for Older Adults: Exploring the Benefits of Age-Specific Instructional DesignOrth, Cordula; Bastiaens, Theo J.
2016-07Situating Deep Multimodal Data on Game-Based STEM LearningAnderson, Craig G.; Binzak, John V.; Dalsen, Jennifer; Saucerman, Jenny; Jordan-Douglass, Anna; Kumar, Vishesh; Turker, Aybuke; Berland, Matthew; Squire, Kurt; Steinkuehler, Constance
2012-07Situating epistemological developmentSandoval, William
2016-07Sketching a Pathway Through Design Worlds: Multimodal Communication in a Fifth-Grade Collaborative Engineering ProjectJordan, Michelle E.; Collins, Jamie M.
2018-07Sketching and Gesturing for New Ideas in Collaborative DesignHärkki, Tellervo; Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, Pirita; Hakkarainen, Kai
2018-07Skyscraper Games: Designing Professional Development for Middle School Teachers to Promote Computational Thinking Using Custom ToolsDuvall, Matthew; Lee, Frank J; Smith, Brian
2006-06Slides, Sushi, and Sixth-Graders: A Case Study of Elementary Student Art-based Learning in a Museum SettingMartell, Sandra Toro
2010-06Small Groups, Big Mistakes: The Emergence of Faulty Rules During a Collaborative Board GameBerland, Matthew; Lee, Victor; DuMont, Maneksha
2007-07Small-group Face-to-Face Discussions in the Classroom: A New Direction of CSCL ResearchVan Diggelen, Wouter; Overdijk, and Maarten
2012-07SMILE - Smartphones in A University Learning Environment: A Classroom Response SystemKaendler, Celia; Feiten, Linus; Weber, Katrin; Wiedmann, Michael; Buehrer, Manuel; Sester, Sebastian; Becker, Bernd
2020-06So What? Now What? Two Tools for Supporting Teachers’ Thought ExperimentsLarison, Sarah; Munson, Jen; Richards, Jennifer
2014-06“So, I think I'm a Programmer Now”: Developing Connected Learning for Adults in a University Craft Technologies CourseFields, Deborah A.; King, Whitney L.
2018-07Social and Cognitive Group Awareness to Aid Argumentation about Socially Acute Questions on Social MediaDado, Marielle; Bodemer, Daniel
2004-06Social and Technological Innovations: Ways into The Knowledge SocietyLamon, Mary; Andrews, Carleen; Scardamalia, Marlene
2011-06Social Annotating in the Online Margins: Re(designing) an Annotation Tool drawing on Unintended Ways University Students and Faculty Chose to Use ItBures, Eva; Feenberg, Andrew; Xin, Cindy; Abrami, Philip
2018-07Social Comparison Theory as Applied to MOOC Student Writing: Constructs for Opinion and AbilityChoi, Heeryung; Dowell, Nia; Brooks, Christopher
2010-06Social construction of mathematical meaning through collaboration and argumentationSchwarz, Baruch; Atzmon, Shirley; Hershkowitz, Rina; Rasmussen, Chris; Stahl, Gerry; Wawro, Megan; Zandieh, Michelle