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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07Sharing Visual Context to Facilitate Late Overhearer's Understanding of the Handheld-Based Learning ActivityKim, Kibum; Tatar, Deborah; Harrison, and Steve
2018-07Shifting Educational Activity Systems: A Cross-Case Analysis of Science Education Reform Efforts in Large Scale SystemsMorrison, Deb; Tesoriero, Gina; Bell, Philip
2006-06Shifting Epistemologies: Examining Student Understanding of New Models of Knowledge and LearningBielaczyc, Katerine; Blake, Peter
2014-06Shifts in Identification in a Hybrid SpaceTang, Kok-Sing
2008-06Short-Term versus Long-Term Effects of Cognitive and Metacognitive Prompts in Writing-to-LearnNückles, Matthias; Hübner, Sandra; Renkl, Alexander
2016-07“Show Me” What You Mean: Learning and Design Implications of Eliciting Gesture in Student ExplanationsLindgren, Robb; Wallon, Robert C.; Brown, David E.; Mathayas, Nitasha; Kimball, Nathan
2021-06Show the Flow: Visualizing Students’ Problem-Solving Processes in a Dynamic Algebraic Notation ToolLee, Ji-Eun; Stalin, Aravind; Ngo, Vy; Drzewiecki, Katie C.; Trac, Cindy; Ottmar, Erin
2017-07Showing and Telling: Response Dynamics in an Online Community of MakersAlmatrafi, Omaima; Johri, Aditya
2006-06Showing Evidence: Analysis of Students’ Arguments in a Range of SettingsAbi-El-Mona, Issam; Hug, Barbara
2014-06Showing What They Know: Multimedia Artifacts to Assess learner understandingHmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Maher, Carolyn A.; Palius, Marjory F.; Sigley, Robert; Alston, Alice
2008-06Sick at South Shore Beach: A Place-Based Augmented Reality Game as a Framework for Building Evidence-Based ArgumentsMathews, James; Holden, Christopher; Jan, Mingfong; Martin, John
2013-06SiMSAM: An Integrated Toolkit to Bridge Student, Scientific, and Mathematical Ideas Using Computational MediaWilkerson-Jerde, Michelle; Gravel, Brian; Macrander, Christopher
2011-06SimScientists: Using Science Simulations to Promote Model-Based Learning and AssessmentQuellmalz, Edys S.; Buckley, Barbara
1996-07Simulated Environments for Learning Real World Contexts in Chemical EngineeringGuzdial, Mark; Rappin, Noel
1995-10Simulating a Learning Companion in Reciprocal Tutoring SystemsChan, Tak-Wai; Chou, Chih-Yueh
2002-01Simulating Pedagogical Agents in a Virtual Learning EnvironmentJondahl, Silje; Mørch, Anders
2013-06A Simulation-Based Approach for Increasing Women in EngineeringArastoopour, Golnaz; Chesler, Naomi; Shaffer, David Williamson
2021-06Simulation-Based Learning in Higher Education: A Meta-Analysis on Adapting Instructional SupportChernikova, Olga; Stadler, Matthias; Heitzmann, Nicole; Melev, Ivan; Holzberger, Doris; Seidel, Tina; Fischer, Frank
2020-06Single Template vs. Multiple Templates: Examining the Effects of Problem Format on PerformanceJiang, Yang; Almeda, Ma. Victoria; Kai, Shimin; Baker, Ryan S.; Ostrow, Korinn; Inventado, Paul Salvador; Scupelli, Peter
2011-06Single- and Mixed-Gender Pairs’ Help-Seeking and Domain-Knowledge Gains in Collaborative Inquiry-Learning ClassroomMakitalo-Siegl, Kati; Fischer, Frank; Kohnle, Carmen