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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06Self-regulation in ACT: A case study in peer-assessment activitiesGogoulou, Agoritsa; Gouli, Evangelia; Tsakostas, Christos; Grigoriadou, Maria
2012-07Semiosis Process in Joint Didactic ActionSensevy, Gérard; Forest, Dominique
2006-06Semiotics: Mediation Tools That Can Fill ELearning GapsCook, Ruth Gannon
2005-05The SENSE Project: A Context-Inclusive Approach to Studying Environmental Science within and Across SchoolsFraser, Danaë Stanton; Smith, Hilary; Tallyn, Ella; Kirk, Dave; Benford, Steve; Rowland, Duncan; Paxton, Mark; Price, Sara; Fitzpatrick, Geraldine
2007-07Sensitivities to Early Exchange in Synchronous Computer-supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) GroupsKapur, Manu; Voiklis, John; Kinzer, and Charles
2018-07Sequencing Arithmetic, Area, and Algebraic Instruction for Teaching the Distributive PrincipleIm, Soo-hyun; Varma, Sashank
2014-06Sequencing Sense-Making and Fluency-Building Support for Connection Making between Multiple Graphical RepresentationsRau, Martina A.; Aleven, Vincent; Rummel, Nikol
2018-07Sequencing Support for Sense Making and Perceptual Fluency with Visual Representations: Is There a Learning Progression?Rau, Martina A.; Zahn, Miranda Renee
2013-06The Sequential Analysis, Modeling and Visualization of Collaborative Causal Mapping Processes and Effects on Causal UnderstandingJeong, Allan; Lee, Woon Jee
2010-06Sequential Effects of High and Low Guidance on Children's Early Science LearningMatlen, Bryan; Klahr, David
2011-06Seven Challenges in CSCLVatrapu, Ravi
2019-06Shall We Learn Together in Loud Spaces? Towards Understanding the Effects of Sound in Collaborative LearningVujovic, Milica; Hernández-Leo, Davinia
2005-05The Shape of the Elephant: Scope and Membership of the CSCL CommunityHoadley, Christopher M.
2009-06Share and explore discussion forum objects on the Calico websiteGiguet, Emmanuel; Lucas, Nadine; Blondel, Francois-Marie; Bruillard, Eric
1995-10Shared Annotation for Cooperative LearningDavis, James R.; Huttenlocher, Daniel P.
2014-06Shared Epistemic Agency and Agency of Individuals, Collaborative Groups, and Research CommunitiesDamşa, Crina
2008-06Shared Inter-generational Collaborative Problem Solving Play SpacesSiyahhan, Sinem; Barab, Sasha; Downton, Micheal
2006-06Shared Knowledge Construction Process in an Open-source Software Development Community: An Investigation of the Gallery CommunityGe, Xun; Dong, Yifei; Huang, Kun
2006-06Shared Referencing of Mathematical Objects in Online ChatStahl, Gerry; Zemel, Alan; Sarmiento, Johann; Cakir, Murat; Weimar, Stephen; Wessner, Martin; Mühlpfordt, Martin
2010-06Sharing Educational Scenario Designs in Practitioner CommunitiesWichmann, Astrid; Engler, Jan; Hoppe, Ulrich