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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06SECI-driven problem-based learning for cultivating technological pedagogical content knowledgeTee, Meng Yew; Lee, Shuh Shing
2017-07Secondary school peer-to-peer knowledge sharing through social network technologiesAsterhan, Christa; Bouton, Edith
2018-07Secondary Students’ Evaluation of Inappropriate Strategies of Reasoning about Evidence under a Scientific ExplanationMa, Guanzhong; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol; Wang, Jing
2018-07Secondary Students’ Model-Based Reasoning about Earth Systems: Practice, Epistemology, and Conceptual UnderstandingForbes, Cory; Chandler, Mark A; Bhattacharya, Devarati; Vo, Tina; Griffin, Jane
2016-07Secondary Teachers’ Emergent Understanding of Teaching Science PracticesSandoval, William A.; Kawasaki, Jarod; Cournoyer, Nathan; Rodriguez, Lilia
2019-06See the Collaboration Through the Code: Using Data Mining and CORDTRA Graphs to Analyze Blocks-Based ProgrammingTissenbaum, Mike; Kumar, Vishesh
2006-06Seeds of a Computer Culture: An Archival Analysis of Programming Artifacts from a Community Technology CenterKafai, Yasmin; Peppler, Kylie A.; Alavez, Mabel; Ruvalcaba, Omar
2010-06Seeing Algebraic Thinking in the Classroom: A Study of Teachers' Conceptualizations of AlgebraWalkoe, Janet
2008-06Seeing and Supporting Identity Development in Science EducationBarton, Angela Calabrese; Carlone, Heidi; Cook, Melissa; Wong, Jacqueline; Brickhouse, William Sandoval Nancy
2021-06Seeing Learning Sciences Research as ModelingRoschelle, Jeremy
2004-06Seeing Nacirema: How Students and Professors Interpret Ethnographic FilmChambers, Eric Karl; Stevens, Reed
2011-06Seeing what we mean: Co-experiencing a shared virtual worldStahl, Gerry; Zhou, Nan; Cakir, Murat Perit; Sarmiento-Klapper, Johann
2020-06Self and Socially Shared Regulation of Learning in Data Science Education: A Case Study of “Quantified Self” ProjectZhang, Jiangxiang; Wu, Bian
2008-06Self-Assessment and Self-Explanation for Learning Chemistry Using Dynamic Molecular VisualizationsChiu, Jennifer; Linn, Marcia
2006-06Self-concept and Self-efficacy in Mathematics: Relations with Mathematics Motivation and AchievementSkaalvik, Einar M.; Skaalvik, Sidsel
2008-06Self-directed learning in pre-vocational secondary education: An analysis of difficulties and success factors in workplace simulationsJossberger, Helen; Gruwel, Saskia Brand -; Boshuizen, Henny P. A.; Van de Wiel, Margje
2016-07Self-Directed Learning in Science Education: Explicating the Enabling FactorsHew, Khe Foon; Law, Nancy; Wan, Jarrad; Lee, Yeung; Kwok, Amy
2004-06Self-explaining Science Texts: Strategies, Knowledge and Reading SkillBest, Rachel; Ozuru, Yasuhiro; McNamara, Danielle S.
2017-07Self-Organizing Collaborations as Blueprints for CSCL DesignBrami, Uzi Zevik; Tabak, Iris
2017-07A Self-Organizing Network of Schools That Transform Teacher and Student Learning Through Socio-Technical Co-EvolutionLaw, Nancy; Liang, Leming; Cheng, Kenneth