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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Authenticity Matters: Youth and Science Participation in Design-Based Learning EnvironmentsTierney, Gavin; Scipio, Déana
2004-06Authoring Branching Storylines for Training ApplicationsGordon, Andrew S.
1996-07Authoring Learning Environments Using an Embedded Pedagogical ModelKedar, Smadar; Gurainick, David; Holum, Ann; Bareiss, Ray; Beckwith, Richard; Kass, Alex
2012-07The Authority of Ideas: How Students Become Influential in Linguistically Heterogeneous Small Group DiscussionsLanger-Osuna, Jennifer
2023Authority-Sharing in Nature: Critically Examining Power in Field Trip ProgramsGreenberg, Day; Scipio, Déana; Brien, Sinead; Barton, Angela Calabrese; Pugh, Priya
2013-06Automated and Adaptive Support for Educational Discussions: Results to Guide in Making This a RealityScheuer, Oliver; Mclaren, Bruce M.; Weinberger, Armin
2020-06Automated Collaboration Assessment Using Behavioral AnalyticsAlozie, Nonye; Dhamija, Svati; McBride, Elizabeth; Tamrakar, Amir
2004-06Automated Content Assessment Tools for e-Learning EnvironmentsStreeter, Lynn A.; LaVoie, Noelle; Krupnick, Charles; Psotka, Joseph
2011-06Automated Data Analysis to Support Teacher’s Knowledge Building PracticeJing, Leng; Yuen, Johnny; Wong,; Law, Nancy; Zhang, Yonghe; Allaire, Stephane; Perreault, Christian; Laferriere, Therese; Teplovs, Christopher
2023Automated Multi-Dimensional Analysis of Peer Feedback in Middle School MathematicsZhang, Jiayi; Baker, Ryan S.; Andres, J. M. Alexandra; Hutt, Stephen; Sethuraman, Sheela
2006-06Automated Social Network Analysis as a Tool for Evaluating SociabilityJob-Sluder, Kirk
2021-06Automated Tracking of Student Activities in a Makerspace Using Motion Sensor DataSung, Gahyun; Yoo, Tyler; Chng, Edwin; Yang, Stephanie; Schneider, Bertrand
2011-06The automatic assessment of knowledge integration processes in project teamsGweon, Gahgene; Agrawal, Pulkit; Udani, Mikesh; Raj, Bhiksha; Rose, Carolyn
2014-06Automatic Coding of Questioning Patterns in Knowledge Building DiscourseMu, Jin; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol K. K.; Fu, Ella
2023Automatically Assess Elementary Students’ Hand-Drawn Scientific Models Using Deep Learning of Artificial IntelligenceLi, Tingting; Liu, Feng; Krajcik, Joseph
2012-07Automatically extract interpretable topics from online discussionZhang, Yonghe; Law, Nancy; Li, Yanyan; Huang, Ronghuai
2021-06Automating Characterization of Peer Review Comments in Chemistry CoursesWinograd, Blair A.; Dood, Amber J.; Finkenstaedt-Quinn, Solaire A.; Gere, Anne R.; Shultz, Ginger V.
2009-06Automating the analysis of collaborative discourse: Identifying idea clustersFujita, Nobuko; Teplovs, Christopher
2020-06Axes of Support: Explicit to Implicit and Practical to EpistemicFick, Sarah; Arias, Anna Maria; Vo, Tina; Sherwood, Carrie-Anne; Benedict-Chambers, Amanda; Lo, Abraham
2023Axiological Tools for Expanding Ideas About Elementary ScienceBell, Adam; Carlone, Heidi B.; Jen, Tessaly; Johnson, Heather; Lee, Sarah; Henrie, Andrea; Zhang, Liwei