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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Mentor Academy: Engaging Global Learners in the Creation of Data Science Problems for MOOCsQuintana, Rebecca M; Brooks, Christopher; Smothers, Cinzia Villanucci; Tan, Yuanru; Yao, Zheng; Kulkarni, Chinmay
2010-06Mentor Modeling: The internalization of modeled professional thinking in an epistemic gameNash, Padraig; Shaffer, David Williamson
2007-07Mentored Professional Development to Support Successful Integration of Technologyenhanced Science CurriculumCorliss, Stephanie; Spitulnik, Michele; Higgins, Tara; Kirkpatrick, and Doug
1999-12Mentoring in a School EnvironmentGibson, Shanan G; Neale, Dennis C.; Carroll, John M.; Van Metre, Christina A.
2018-07Mentors in the Making: A Case Study of Heterogeneity in Meaning Making at a Public Library MakerspaceSengupta-Irving, Tesha; Vogelstein, Lauren; Brady, Corey; Galloway, Emily Phillips
2008-06Mere Belief of Social Action Improves Complex LearningOkita, Sandra; Bailenson, Jeremy; Schwartz, Daniel
2021-06Merging Teacher Professional Development with Designing Curriculum Incorporating Cutting-Edge Science in a Natural History MuseumKillen, Heather; Soul, Laura; Barclay, Rich
2020-06Message Responsiveness During Online DiscussionsChen, Gaowei; Lo, Chung Kwan; Hu, Liru
2006-06Messy Learning Environments: Busy Hands and Less Engaged MindsGardner, Christina M.; Clegg, Tamara L.; Williams, Oriana J.; Kolodner, Janet L.
1999-12Meta-Communication Widgets for Knowledge Building in Distance EducationMcLean, Robert S.
2017-07A Meta-Synthesis of CSCL Literature in STEM EducationMcKeown, Jessica; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Jeong, Heisawn; Hartley, Kylie; Faulkner, Roosevelt; Emmanuel, Navo
2008-06Metacognition in understanding multimedia presentationsAntonietti, Alessandro; Diller, Kenneth; Herman, Phillip; Schnotz, Wolfgang; Moreno, Roxana; Marley, Scott; Helak, John; Fiore, Stephen; Cuevas, Haydee M.; Scielzo, Sandro
2014-06Metacognitive Planning and Monitoring: 9th Graders Performing a Long-Term Self-Regulated Scientific Inquiry in A Complex SystemEilam, Billie
2008-06A Metacognitive Strategy for Training Preservice Teachers: Collaborative Diagnosis of Conceptual Understanding in ScienceEldar, Osnat; Eylon, Bat-Sheva; Ronen, Miky
2008-06Metacognitive Support for Reading in Science ClassroomsHerman, Phillip; Gomez, Louis; Gomez, Kimberley; Williams, Adam; Perkins, Kristen
2012-07Metacognizing Across Self And Socio DialecticsJamaludin, Azilawati; Hung, David
2012-07Metadiscourse to Foster Student Collective Responsibility for Deepening InquiryZhang, Jianwei; Lee, Jiyeon; Wilde, Jane
2013-06The Metafora Tool: Supporting Learning to Learn TogetherDe-Groot, Reuma; Dragon, Toby; Mavrikis, Manolis; Harrer, Andreas; Pfahler, Kerstin; McLaren, Bruce M.; Wegerif, Rupert; Kynigos, Chronis; Schwarz, Baruch
2006-06Metalanguage among Families in a Marine Science MuseumBrandt, Carol B.; Ash, Doris
2019-06Metaphorical Reasoning Together: Embodied Conceptualization in a Community of Philosophical InquiryClaire, Polo; Lagrange-Lanaspre, Sandra