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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Attending to Gender and Sexuality in Learning: Lessons From Scholarship By, For, and With LGBTQ+ PeopleUttamchandani, Suraj; Shrodes, Addie; Lizarraga, Jose; Cortez, Arturo; Paré, Dylan; Shanahan, Marie-Claire; Sengupta, Pratim; Bang, Megan; Hoadley, Chris
2020-06Attention, Awareness, and Analysis: Video Clubs as Meaningful Venues for Teacher Noticing and Culturally-Sustaining PedagogyLuna, Melissa; Bernstein, Malayna; Walkoe, Janet
2022Attenuation and Amplification of Agency Through Goal Announcements in a MakerspaceGoeke, Megan; DeLiema, David
2018-07Attunements to the Ethical in Design and LearningVossoughi, Shirin; Jackson, Ava; Bang, Megan; Rosebery, Ann S; Warren, Beth; Philip, Thomas M.
2022Atunements to Socioecological Histories of Places in Learning and Decision-Making in Complex Socioecological SystemsBang, Megan; Tzou, Carrie; Bricker, Leah; Sherry-Wagner, Jordan; Pugh, Priya
2012-07Audience Effects: A Bidirectional Artifact Analysis of Adolescents' Creative WritingMagnifico, Alecia Marie
2004-06Audience in Computer Learning: A Constructionist InterpretationHayes, Gillian R.; Piper, Anne Marie; Amar, Bob; Bevis, Korin J.; Newstetter, Wendy; Bruckman, Amy S.
2022Audio Analysis of Teacher Interactions With Small Groups in ClassroomsPalaguachi, Chris; Cox, Eugene M.; D’Angelo, Cynthia M.
2002-01AudioExplorer: Multiple Linked Representations for ConvergenceRick, Jochen
2011-06Augmented Reality Games: Place-based Digital LearningKlopfer, Eric; Sheldon, Josh; Rosenheck, Louisa; Perry, Judy; Squire, Kurt; Mathews, Jim; Coulter, Bob; Dunleavy, Matt; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2020-06Augmented Reality Improved Learning of Lower-level Students by Empowering their Participation in Collaborative ActivitiesTang, Jingwan; Zhang, Yang; Luehmann, April; White, Andrew
2021-06Augmented Reality in Collaborative Problem Solving: A Qualitative Study of Challenges and SolutionsHoppenstedt, Eduardo; Radu, Iulian; Joy, Tugce; Schneider, Bertrand
2018-07Augmenting Formative Writing Assessment with Learning Analytics: A Design Abstraction ApproachKnight, Simon; Shibani, Antonette; Buckingham-Shum, Simon
2020-06Augmenting Instructor Decision-Making with Data in MakerspacesChng, Edwin; Zeylikman, Sofya; Schneider, Bertrand
2018-07Augmenting Qualitative Analyses of Collaborative Learning Groups Through Multi-Modal SensingXie, Bin; Reilly, Joseph M; Dich, Yong Li; Schneider, Bertrand
2015-07AutBlocks: Using Collaborative Learning to Develop Joint Attention Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderBoyle, Bryan; Arnedillo-Sanchez, Inmaculada; Zahid, Aejaz
2023Authentic Invitations: Offering Girls of Color Voluntary, Contextual, and Responsive Opportunities to Develop Computing IdentitiesGarcia, Patricia; Jacobs, Laura-Ann; Perez, Melissa
2018-07Authentic Learning and Teaching in an Out-of-School Lab - First Steps towards Empirical Investigation of a Theoretical ModelNachtigall, Valentina; Keuschnig, Angelina; Behrendt, Lena; Brune, Laura
2018-07Authentic Problem-Based Learning with Augmented RealityOgle, Todd; Hicks, David; Johnson, Aaron; Tucker, Thomas
2018-07Authentic to Whom and What? The Role of Authenticity in Project-Based Learning in English Language ArtsPolman, Joseph L; Stamatis, Kristina; Boardman, Alison; Garcia, Antero