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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-06Mathematics Teachers’ Abilities to Use and Make Sense of Drawn RepresentationsOrrill, Chandra; Sexton, Susan; Lee, Soo-Jin; Gerde, Cheryl
2005-05MatrixDesks: Interactive Computing Desks toward One-on-Two Educational Computing EnvironmentsCheng, Hercy N.H.; Chang, Ben; Deng, Yi-Chan; Chan, Tak-Wai
2016-07Mauá Project: Citizenship and Environment Educational as Pathway to Critical Thinking and Students' Empowermentda Silva, Glauco S. F.; Barcellos, Marcília E.; de Souza, Elisabeth G.
2015-07Maximizing Benefit of Peer-Feedback to Increase Feedback Uptake in Academic WritingWichmann, Astrid; Funk, Alexandra L.; Rummel, Nikol
1996-07MaxwellWorld: Learning Complex Scientific Concepts via Immersion in Virtual RealityDede, Chris; Salzman, Marilyn C.; Loftin, R. Bowen
2007-07Meaning Making in CSCL: Conditions and Preconditions for Cognitive Processes by GroupsStahl, Gerry
2015-07Meaning-Making in Collaborative Activity: Effort toward Coherent, but Not Shared, Interpretations of the ProblemHardy, Lisa; White, Tobin
1996-07Meaningful Contexts for Mathematical Learning: The Potential of Game MakingKafai, Yasmin B.; Ching, Cynthia Carier
2021-06Measures of Disagreement in Learning Groups as a Basis for Identifying and Discussing Controversial JudgementsMalzahn, Nils; Aprin, Farbod; Hoppe, H. Ulrich; Eimler, Sabrina C.; Moder, Sarah
2013-06Measuring 'Framing' Differences of Single-Mouse and Tangible Inputs on Patterns of Collaborative LearningAndrade, Luis; Danish, Joshua; Moreno, Yanín; Pérez, Lenin
2014-06Measuring Affective Experience in the Midst of STEM LearningNissen, Jayson; Shemwell, Jonathan
2018-07Measuring Awe and Critical Thinking in a Science MuseumPrice, Aaron; Greenslit, Jana; Applebaum, Lauren R.; Segovia, Gloria Alicia; Slagel, Chaucey; Quinn, Kimberly A.; Krogh-Jespersen, Sheila
2020-06Measuring Contextual Shifts in Multidimensional Identity in MakerspacesFeldon, David; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Searle, Kristin
2020-06Measuring Equitable Science Instruction at ScaleKrumm, Andy; Penuel, William R.; Pazera, Carol; Landel, Carolyn
2018-07Measuring Integrated Knowledge – A Network Analytical ApproachKubsch, Marcus; Nordine, Jeffrey; Neumann, Knut; Fortus, David; Krajcik, Joe
2018-07Measuring Maker Mindset: Establishing Content Validity with Card SortingCohen, Jonathan; Margulieux, Lauren E; Renken, Maggie; Smith, Shaunna F; Jones, W. Monty
2008-06Measuring Mathematics Discourse in Technology-Supported Collaborative ActivitiesRafanan, Ken; Roschelle, Jeremy; Bhanot, Ruchi; Gorges, Torie; Penuel, William
2005-05Measuring Motivation in Collaborative Inquiry-Based Learning ContextsChow, Angela; Law, Nancy
2013-06Measuring Performance Across Space & Time in Online Learning: Identifying Structural Patterns to Promote ScalabilityGoggins, Sean P.; Laffey, James
2013-06Measuring Social Identity Development in Epistemic GamesArastoopour, Golnaz; Shaffer, David Williamson