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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-06Matching Model Representation to Task DemandsSlof, Bert; Erkens, Gijsbert; Kirschner, Paul
2020-06Material Entanglements as a Source of Resistance to Educational Injustice in STEM LearningElliott, Colin Hennessy
2020-06Materiality Constraining and Enabling Collaboration in Secondary School Maker Centered LearningMehto, Varpu; Kangas, Kaiju; Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, Pirita
2015-07Materiality of Online Students’ Peer-Review Activities in Higher EducationCerratto-Pargman, Teresa; Knutsson, Ola; Karlström, Petter
2021-06Materials and participants: A dialogical relationshipTsurusaki, Blakely K.; Tzou, Carrie; Conner, Laura D. Carsten
2010-06Math Anxiety in Middle School Math Teachers: Implications for Teacher Practice and Professional DevelopmentShechtman, Nicole
2020-06Math Cleverly Disguised As/With String: Overlapping Math Instantiations in WeavingThompson, Naomi
2010-06Math Engaged Problem Solving in FamiliesGoldman, Shelley; Pea, Roy; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Jimenez, Osvaldo; Booker, Angela; Martin, Lee; Esmonde, Indigo
2020-06Math for Social Justice in a Prospective Teacher Content Course: Increasing Engagement and Developing Political ConocimientoLee-Hassan, Alexa
2020-06Math, The Girl That All the Nerds Want: Examining Attitudes and Beliefs by Personifying MathematicsRodriguez, Briana
2018-07Math: It’s Not What You “Think”Gutiérrez, José
2016-07Mathematical Argumentation and Proof Supporting a Complex Cognitive SkillSommerhoff, Daniel; Ufer, Stefan; Kollar, Ingo
2002-01Mathematical Discussion SystemJohnson, Gabe
1996-07Mathematical Manipulatives as Designed Artifacts: The Cognitive, Affective, and Technological DimensionsEisenberg, Michael; Dibiase, Julie
2021-06Mathematical Physical Research: Mathematical agency in the practices of professional dancersVogelstein, Lauren
2014-06Mathematical Tasks as Boundary Objects in Design-Based Implementation ResearchJohnson, Raymond; Severance, Samuel; Leary, Heather; Miller, Susan
2020-06Mathematical Thinking and Representational Engagement of In-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers in Pattern-Based Algebraic Growth TasksBoles, Kelly
2010-06Mathematics at PlayJimenez, Osvaldo; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Esmonde, Indigo; Goldman, Shelley; Martin, Lee; Pea, Roy
2020-06Mathematics Learning and The Making of Neoliberal UndesirabilitySengupta-Irving, Tesha
2012-07Mathematics Learning in a Racial Context: Unpacking Students' Reasoning about "Asians are Good at Math"Shah, Niral