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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06“We Made Liquid!”: How Children Blend Feedback in a Mixed-Reality Environment for Collective Embodied LearningLee, Sarah Jaewon; Tu, Xintian; Adebola, Simeon; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua
2022-06A Web-Based Tool for Participatory Science Learning in the Context of Human Psychology ResearchDikker, Suzanne; Yetman-Michaelson, Lucy; Shevchenko, Yury; Burgas, Kim; Chaloner, Kim; Sole, Marc; Davidesco, Ido; Martin, Rebecca; Matuk, Camillia
2022-06What Brings Students Together?: Investigating the Causal Relationship Between Joint Mental Effort and Joint Visual AttentionSharma, Kshitij; Olsen, Jennifer K.
2022-06What Matters Most for Learning From Online Videos, Seeing the Instructor’s Face or Gaze? Impact on Instructor-Student SynchronySchneider, Bertrand; Sung, Gahyun; Hassan, Javaria; Bhinder, Harum
2022-06“What Should We Do With All These Webcams?” a Low-Cost Motion Capture System for Embodied, Ensemble Learning in Mixed-Reality Mathematics ActivitiesChen, Mighty
2022-06What’s Worth Solving? An Expert Study to Identify Problem-Finding Strategies Within a Socio-Scientific IssueRathod, Balraj B.; Murthy, Sahana
2021-06Who I Am, What I Know, and What I Want: An Epistemic Network Analysis of Student Identity ExplorationBarany, Amanda; Wang, Yeyu; Williamson, David; Foster, Aroutis
2022-06Why Students Do (Not) Want to Use Roles in Collaborative WritingPutzeys, Karen; De Wever, Bram
2021-06Young Students’ Experience of Analytics-Supported CSCL and the Influence of Parental AttitudesHu, Xiao; Ng, Jeremy; Jiang, Xuemei