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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Quantifying Differences in Students’ Participation Patterns in Classroom DiscussionsBouton, Edith; Asterhan, Christa
2022REACH Projector: Remote Embodiment for Augmented Collaborative HelpSmith, Casey; Tissenbaum, Mike
2024Real-time Continuous Perceived Difficulty Annotation during Video Learning Using a More Natural InterfaceLiu, Xiaobo; Zhang, Yu
2023A Reality Check on Collaboration Skills: How Experiences During Interdisciplinary Collaboration Shape Collaboration Self-EfficacyEberle, Julia; Hobrecht, Joyce; Strauß, Sebastian; Tunnigkeit, Isis; vom Bovert, Leonie; Avdullahu, Arlind; Schmittchen, Marcel; Rummel, Nikol
2024Reflecting on Prior Collaborations to Prepare for Group WorkKatz, Joshua; Goldstein, Molly; Mercier, Emma
2023Reflection on Collaborative Action: Fostering Collaborative Diagnostic Reasoning in an Agent-Based Medical SimulationRichters, Constanze; Stadler, Matthias; Brandl, Laura; Schmidmaier, Ralf; Fischer, Martin R.; Fischer, Frank
2022Reimagining Collaboration in Family-School PartnershipsNguyen, Judy; Levinson, Amber; Barron, Brigid
2024Reimagining “The Lantern” as a Web-Based Tool for Enhanced Supervised Collaborative Problem SolvingFlorido, Héctor; Hernández-Leo, Davinia
2022Reinfrastructuring Classroom Discourse With ThoughtSwapShrestha, Chandani; Tatar, Deborah G.; Gautam, Aakash; Stewart, Michael
2024The Relationships between Students’ Epistemological Beliefs and Social Interactions and Epistemic Actions in Collaborative Inquiry PracticeZhang, Xiaojie; Feng, Shihui; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhao, Jianhua
2022Remixing as a Key Practice for Coding and Data StorytellingYalcinkaya, Rabia; Sanei, Hamid; Wang, Changzhao; Zhu, Li; Kahn, Jennifer; Jiang, Shiyan
2023Researcher-Teacher Co-Design in a Mixed-Reality Science and Computational Thinking CurriculumLee, Sarah J.; Choussat, Felix; Anton, Gabriella; Enyedy, Noel
2023Responsiveness: A Feature for Predicting the Productivity of Non-Convergent DiscussionsSalman, Asaf; Kolikant, Yifat Ben-David
2023Role of Epistemic Artifacts for Engaging in Collaborative LearningCharles, Elizabeth; Dugdale, Michael; Lenton, Kevin; Zhang, Chao; Adams, Rhys; Whittaker, Chris; Lasry, Nathaniel
2024The Role of Individual Preparation on Coordination in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning: A Neuroscience Perspective on Learners’ Inter-Brain SynchronizationChen, Wenli; Lyu, Qianru; Ho, Mei-Yee Mavis; Tan, Jessica; Teo, Wei-Peng; Chai, Siew Cheng Aileen; Su, Guo
2022The Role of Online Peer Feedback Features in Uptake of Peer Feedback in Argumentative Essay WritingKerman, Nafiseh Taghizadeh; Banihashem, Seyyed Kazem; Noroozi, Omid
2023The Role of Social Interactions and Cognition in Digital SpacesÖztok, Murat
2022The Role of the Physical Space in Distributed IntelligenceTissenbaum, Mike; Lindgren, Robb; Danish, Joshua; Kim, Taehyun; Zeng, Litong; Planey, James; Mercier, Emma; Kang, Jina; Vickery, Morgan; Zhou, Mengxi; Taylor, Katie Headrick; Germinaro, Kaleb; Shapiro, Ben Rydal; Gilliam, Sierra; Slotta, Jim; Moher, Tom; Kumar, Vishesh; Kimball, Nathan; Roberts, Jessica; Leinart, Kyle; Pea, Roy
2022Roles for Collaborative Writing: The Effect on Text Quality and Group AtmospherePutzeys, Karen; De Wever, Bram
2022Scaffolding Computational-Thinking Moves for Collective Knowledge Advancement in Multidisciplinary CollaborationFeng, Xueqi; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhao, Jianhua; Liu, Kun