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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Ecological Approach to Technology Integration: A Comparative Analysis of Technology in Collaborative Learning EnvironmentToprani, Dhvani; Borge, Marcela
2024Effect of Providing Knowledge Construction as A Preparatory Activity on Learner’s Critical Thinking Achievement in Online DiscussionHasani, Lintang Matahari; Junus, Kasiyah; Sadita, Lia; Hirashima, Tsukasa; Hayashi, Yusuke
2022Effects of Multi-Attributional Student Diversity in CSCLVoltmer, Jan-Bennet; Reich-Stiebert, Natalia; Raimann, Jennifer; Stürmer, Stefan
2022Effort and Struggles in the Data: How Do Low and High Achieving Students Use an Online Textbook in an Introductory STEM Course?Sung, Gahyun; Yang, Stephanie; Tucker, Mary C.; Schneider, Bertrand
2021-06Embodied Transmission of Ideas: Collaborative Construction of Geometry Content and Mathematical ThinkingKirankumar, Veena; Sung, Hanall; Swart, Michael; Kim, Doy; Xia, Fangli; Kwon, Oh Hoon; Nathan, Mitchell; Walkington, Candace
2021-06Embodiment and Social Interactions in a Class Virtual Reality Poster SessionMansi, Gennie; MacIntyre, Blair; Roberts, Jessica
2023Emotion Expressions as Negotiations of Critical Technology Tool Use in Small Group Collaborative DesignXia, Yu; Yan, Shulong; Borge, Marcela
2021-06Empowering Secondary School Students' Argumentative Writing Skills: The Effectiveness Of Dialogic Support And Cognitive Strategic Support On Students' Collaborative Writing Processes.Landrieu, Yana; De Smedt, Fien; Van Keer, Hilde; De Wever, Bram
2023Empowering Students in a Datafied World: Adult Stakeholders’ Perspectives on Digital Self-Determination in the U.S. K-12 EnvironmentSylvan, Elisabeth; McGee, Madeline; Cortesi, Sandra
2022End-User Programming on Large Online Knowledge Sharing Platforms as Collective Epistemic Resource Producing ActivityHillman, Thomas; Seredko, Alena
2024Enhancing Argumentative Essay Structure and Quality through a Collaborative Argumentation Environment in University EFL StudentsWang, Li-Jen; Wu, Ying-Tien; Cheng, Teng-Yao
2024Epistemic Agency for STEM Learning with Design-Based ScaffoldsLIU, Jialiang; Chen, Gaowei; Chan, Carol K. K.; Zhao, Jianhua
2023Epistemic Diversity as a Design Principle in Computer ScienceLove, Candice; Gresalfi, Melissa
2023Epistemic Scaffolds to Promote Disagreement Identification and Resolution for Multiple Conflicting DocumentsMochizuki, Toshio; O’Dwyer, Eowyn P.; Chinn, Clark A.; Myat Min Swe; Htay Min Khaung; Sekine, Seiji
2024Evaluating a New Knowledge Building Analytics Tool (KBAT)Gutiérrez-Braojos, Calixto; Rodríguez-Domínguez, Carlos; Linda, Daniela; Rodríguez-Chirino, Paula
2024Evaluating Metaspace as an Infrastructure for Teacher Cross-Community Collaboration in Knowledge BuildingYuan, Guangji; Chen, Bodong; Teo, Chew Lee; Chan, Carol K. K.
2024Evaluating Video Conferencing and Desktop Virtual Platforms for Supporting Remote Classroom ActivitiesYarmand, Matin; Wang, Ru; Li, Haowei; Weibel, Nadir
2022Evaluation of the Support Function of a Knowledge-Creating Community: Visualizing Relationships Between Members in an Online SituationKondo, Hideki; Tohyama, Sayaka; Ohsaki, Ayano; Yamada, Masayuki
2024Examine Student Resource Uses in a Game-based CSCLZou, Xiaotian; Hong, Daeun; Chen, Feng; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Glazewski, Krista; Wang, Tianshu; Mott, Bradford; Lester, James
2023Examining and Scaffolding Collective Idea Improvement in Knowledge Building Using Analytics and Meta-DiscourseYu, Yawen; Chan, Carol K. K.; Teo, Chew Lee; Chen, Gaowei