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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Challenging Joint Visual Attention as a Proxy for Collaborative PerformanceSharma, Kshitij; Olsen, Jennifer K.; Verma, Himanshu; Caballero, Daniela; Jermann, Patrick
2022-06Chameleon Clippers: A Tool for Developing Fine Motor Skills in Remote Education SettingsMansi, Gennie; Boone, Ashley; Kim, Sue Reon; Roberts, Jessica
2021-06Click Restraint: Teaching Students to Analyze Search ResultsMcGrew, Sarah; Glass, Alex C.
2022-06Co-Construct Learning Spaces to Sustain Collaborative Knowledge Building During COVID-19Underwood, Thomas; Park, Hyejin; Zhang, Jianwei
2022-06Co-Designing a Multimodal Dashboard for Collaborative AnalyticsChejara, Pankaj; Kasepalu, Reet; Ruiz-Calleja, Adolfo; Rodríguez-Triana, María Jesús; Prieto, Luis P.
2022-06Co-Designing AI-Based Orchestration Tools to Support Dynamic Transitions: Design Narratives Through Conjecture MappingLawrence, LuEttaMae; Guo, Boyuan; Yang, Kexin; Echeverria, Vanessa; Kang, Zimmy; Bathala, Vikrant; Li, Christina; Huang, William; Aleven, Vincent; Rummel, Nikol
2022-06Cognitive Processing in Online Communities of InquiryBullard, Samuel J.; Varma, Keisha
2022-06Collaborative Learning in YouTube: Under Which Conditions Can Learning Happen or Fail to Happen?Iordanou, Kalypso; Aharonson, Vered; Christodoulou, Vasiliki; Karpasitis, Christos; Joselowitz, Jared; Lilford, Byron; De-Vos, Maura; Muraleedharan, Smrithi
2022-06Collaborative Reflection “In the Flow” of Programming: Designing Effective Collaborative Learning Activities in Advanced Computer Science ContextsSankaranarayanan, Sreecharan; Ma, Lanmingqi; Kandimalla, Siddharth Reddy; Markevych, Ihor; Nguyen, Huy; Murray, R. Charles; Bogart, Christopher; Hilton, Michael; Sakr, Majd; Rosé, Carolyn Penstein
2022-06Comparing Collaborative Problem Solving Profiles Derived From Human and Semi-Automated AnnotationAndrews-Todd, Jessica; Steinberg, Jonathan; Pugh, Samuel L.; D’Mello, Sidney K.
2021-06Comparing Example-Based Collaborative Reflection to Problem-Solving Practice for Learning during Team-Based Software Engineering ProjectsSankaranarayanan, Sreecharan; Kandimalla, Siddharth Reddy; Bogart, Christopher; Murray, R. Charles; An, Haokang; Hilton, Michael; Sakr, Majd; Rosé, Carolyn
2022-06Connecting CSCL Scripting and Socially-Shared Regulation of Learning: An Exploratory StudyVilla-Torrano, Cristina; Asensio-Pérez, Juan I.; Dimitriadis, Yannis; Martínez-Monés, Alejandra; Lorenzo, Miguel Bote-; Gómez-Sánchez, Eduardo
2022-06Connecting Social Reading and Writing: A Social Annotation Synthesizer ToolZhu, Xinran; Shui, Hong; Chen, Bodong
2022-06Connectivity for Knowledge Building: A Framework of Socio-Semantic Network Motif AnalysisChen, Bodong
2022-06Continuous Data-Driven Group Learning Support: Case Study of an Asynchronous Online CourseLiang, Changhao; Majumdar, Rwitajit; Ogata, Hiroaki
2022-06Contrasting Analytical Approaches to Trace Collaborative Learning With Knowledge ObjectsMuukkonen, Hanni; Damşa, Crina; van Leeuwen, Anouschka; Janssen, Jeroen; Raković, Mladen; Gašević, Danijela; Gašević, Dragan; Esterhazy, Rachelle; Nerland, Monika; Araos, Andres; Hernández-Leo, Davinia
2021-06Crafting Human-Material Collaborative Learning Processes and Technology AdvancesKeune, Anna; Yankova, Nickolina; Peppler, Kylie
2022-06Dear Pat: The Role of Error Detection Problems for Learning Effective Peer FeedbackCharles, Elizabeth S.; Dugdale, Michael; Lenton, Kevin; Zhang, Chao; Adams, Rhys
2022-06Deepening Students’ Understanding of Socio-Scientific Issues Through Graph-Oriented Computer Supported Collaborative Argumentation: An Exploratory StudyChen, Wenli; Han, Yiting; Lyu, Qianru; Tan, Jesmine; Chai, Aileen; , Lyna; Su, Junzhu
2022-06The Design of Embodied Participatory Simulations as a Collaborative Learning EnvironmentBrady, Corey; Vogelstein, Lauren; Jen, Tessaly; Dim, Efrat