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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Behavior Sequence Patterns in Collaborative Problem Solving: A Multiple-perspective AnalysisZhu, Mengxiao; Wang, Xin; Xu, Qizhi; Andrews-Todd, Jessica
2023Beyond the Cognitive Dimension: Emotion Patterns in Productive and Improvable Knowledge Building DiscourseHou, Chenyu; Zhu, Gaoxia; Yang, Yuqin
2022Big or Small? Examining the Influence of Group Size on Discourse Patterns in a Virtual, Collaborative, Informal, STEM-focused Learning CommunityEspino, Danielle P.; Orrantia, Heather; Lux, Kristina; Gibson, Julia Savoca; Oliveira, Luiz; Hamilton, Eric R.
2023Breaking Down the Visual Barrier: Designing Data Interactions for the Visually Impaired in Informal Learning SettingsRoberts, Jessica; Lowy, Rachel; Li, Huaigu; Bellona, Jon; Smith, Leslie; Bower, Amy
2024Bridging Social Annotation Practice with Perspectives from the Learning Sciences and CSCLZhu, Xinran; Jung, Yeonji; Chen, Bodong; Hickey, Daniel; Chartrand, Grant; Kalir, Remi; Hodgson, Justin; Andrews, Chris; Wise, Alyssa; Shui, Hong; Chen, Pingting; Avadhanam, Rukmini Manasa
2022Building Community and Understanding Evolution of Thought Through Digital Storytelling Within a Knowledge Building ContextHuang, Robert
2021-06Building Intercultural Competencies through Virtual Teams in Engineering EducationNdubuisi, Anuli; Slotta, Jim; Marzi, Elham
2022Building Theories About Plate Tectonics: Supporting Data Visualization as Epistemic PracticeConrath, Brandin M.; Farris, Amy Voss; McDonald, Scott; Pallant, Amy
2024Can ChatGPT be Always Powerful: Evidence from a Postgraduate Writing ClassLei, Chunlin; Zhu, Dan; Zhang, Junjie
2021-06Challenging Joint Visual Attention as a Proxy for Collaborative PerformanceSharma, Kshitij; Olsen, Jennifer K.; Verma, Himanshu; Caballero, Daniela; Jermann, Patrick
2022Chameleon Clippers: A Tool for Developing Fine Motor Skills in Remote Education SettingsMansi, Gennie; Boone, Ashley; Kim, Sue Reon; Roberts, Jessica
2024Character Based Models and Computational and Embodied Action Tweaking for SensemakingDanish, Joshua; Mathayas, Nitasha; Zhou, Mengxi; Steinberg, Selena; Vickery, Morgan
2023Classroom Talk for Learning: Support for and From MicrobloggingAmundrud, Anja; Rasmussen, Ingvill; Smørdal, Ole; Ludvigsen, Sten
2021-06Click Restraint: Teaching Students to Analyze Search ResultsMcGrew, Sarah; Glass, Alex C.
2023Clustering Cognitive Engagement Changes in Longitudinally Traced Discussion Data From a Graduate-Level Online CourseBae, Yoojin; Kim, Jinho; Kim, Min Kyu
2022Co-Construct Learning Spaces to Sustain Collaborative Knowledge Building During COVID-19Underwood, Thomas; Park, Hyejin; Zhang, Jianwei
2024Co-Design a Logic Model for Inclusive AI-Powered Learning Application with Primary School TeachersHan, Ariel; Corrigan, Seth; Han, Shenshen; Peppler, Kylie
2022Co-Designing a Multimodal Dashboard for Collaborative AnalyticsChejara, Pankaj; Kasepalu, Reet; Ruiz-Calleja, Adolfo; Rodríguez-Triana, María Jesús; Prieto, Luis P.
2022Co-Designing AI-Based Orchestration Tools to Support Dynamic Transitions: Design Narratives Through Conjecture MappingLawrence, LuEttaMae; Guo, Boyuan; Yang, Kexin; Echeverria, Vanessa; Kang, Zimmy; Bathala, Vikrant; Li, Christina; Huang, William; Aleven, Vincent; Rummel, Nikol
2024Co-Designing an AI Tool to Support Discourse Based Math Instruction in a High-Dosage Tutoring ContextBrown, Chelsea; Bush, Jeffrey B.