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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Scaffolding Epistemic Understanding of Discourse and Knowledge Building Using Knowledge-Forum Analytics and Reflective AssessmentTong, Yuyao; Chan, Carol K. K.
2021-06Scripting Small Group Processes within a Learning CommunityLi, Yanhong; Sommerhoff, Daniel; Ufer, Stefan; Slotta, James D.
2021-06Studying Shared Regulation in Immersive Learning EnvironmentsCohen, Rinat Levy; Mallavarapu, Aditi; Lyons, Leilah; Uzzo, Stephen
2021-06Supporting Learning Interaction in a Distributed Learning Environment with Tangible User InterfacesLi, Yanhong; Rossmy, Beat; Hussmann, Heinrich
2021-06Synergies Between Humans and Machines to Support the Orchestration of CSCL Scripts at Different ScalesAmarasinghe, Ishari; Hernández-Leo, Davinia
2021-06Taking Transactivity Detection to a New LevelFiacco, James; Haan, Ki-Won; Woolley, Anita Williams; Rosé, Carolyn
2021-06Teacher Support of Emergent Shared Regulation for Dynamic Collaborative InquiryPesaresi, Simona; Zhang, Jianwei
2021-06Teaching about COVID-19: Using a Virtual Epidemic to Contextualize and Problematize Infectious Disease Epidemiology in a High School ClassStrawhacker, Amanda; Hansen, Tyler; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Kafai, Yasmin
2021-06Technology’s Role in Supporting Collaborative Interactions: An Ecological ApproachToprani, Dhvani; Borge, Marcela
2021-06A Template for Facilitating Knowledge-Building Discourse in Online Teacher Professional DevelopmentAllman, Bohdana; Leary, Heather
2021-06Towards Asynchronous Data Science Invention Activities at ScaleShalala, Rafael; Amir, Ofra; Roll, Ido
2021-06Towards Estimating Classroom Orchestration Load using Physiological and Self-Perception MeasuresAmarasinghe, Ishari; Vujovic, Milica; Hernández-Leo, Davinia
2021-06Transition, Lamination, and Personification: Affordances for Teacher Learning in a Mixed Reality SimulationGravell, Jamie; Wilhelm, Anne Garrison; Wernick, Ann Marie
2021-06Using Idea Thread Mapper to Support Cross-Classroom “Super Talk” among Four Grade 5 Knowledge Building CommunitiesYuan, Guangji; Zhang, Jianwei; Chen, Mei-Hwa
2021-06Using Minecraft to Reconstruct and Roleplay Local History: Intersubjectivity, Temporality, and TensionMørch, Anders I.; Eielsen, Carl Sebastian; Mifsud, Louise
2021-06The Value of Using Roles while Collaboratively Writing Synthesis Texts in UniversityPutzeys, Karen; De Wever, Bram
2021-06Who I Am, What I Know, and What I Want: An Epistemic Network Analysis of Student Identity ExplorationBarany, Amanda; Wang, Yeyu; Williamson, David; Foster, Aroutis
2021-06Young Students’ Experience of Analytics-Supported CSCL and the Influence of Parental AttitudesHu, Xiao; Ng, Jeremy; Jiang, Xuemei