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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Application of AutoML in the Automated Coding of Educational Discourse DataLee, Seung; Gui, Xiaofan; Hamilton, Eric
2020-06Boundary Crossing as a Lens for Examining Scale in Collaborative Learning Sciences InnovationsWidman, Sari; Repko-Erwin, Melia; Penuel, William R.; Stevens, Reed
2020-06Bridging Research and Practice to Implement Change in Teaching and Learning at ScaleEdelson, Daniel C.; Reiser, Brian J.; McNeill, Katherine L.; Affolter, Renee; Krumm, Andrew E.; Penuel, William R.
2020-06Building Capacity Via Facilitator Agency: Tensions in Implementing an Adaptive Model of Professional DevelopmentBoles, Kelly; Jarry-Shore, Michael; Villa, Anthony; Malamut, James; Borko, Hilda
2020-06Collaborative and Emergent Regulation of Open-Ended Inquiry through Semiotically Mediated StructuresPesaresi, Simona; Zhang, Jianwei
2020-06Complexifying the Process of Generating an Aim in a Teacher Preparation Networked Improvement CommunitySandoval, Carlos; van Es, Elizabeth
2020-06Complexity and Proximity: Framing School Mathematics Challenges Inside and Outside Metropolitan AreasMunter, Chuck; Nguyen, Phi; Quinn, Cassandra
2020-06Crowdsourcing Explanations for Improving Assessment Content and Identifying Knowledge ComponentsMoore, Steven; Nguyen, Huy; Stamper, John
2020-06Designing Multilevel Architecture for Learning to Support Continuous Learning Innovations: Two School Cases in A Design-based Implementation Research ProjectLiang, Leming; Ko, Pak On; Wang, Yutong; Law, Nancy
2020-06Does Coercing the Use of a Group Awareness Tool Help Groups Achieve More Equal Participation?Strauss, Sebastian; Rummel, Nikol
2020-06Equity Across State Systems: Possibilities and Tensions in Understanding ScaleWingert, Kerri; Riedy, Robbin; Campanella, Melissa; Penuel, William R.
2020-06From Correspondence to Prefiguration: Mobilizing Learning Sciences for Alternative Social FuturesSmirnov, Natalia; Weidler-Lewis, Joanna
2020-06Global Perspectives on Social Movement Collective Action as LearningCurnow, Joe; Jurow, Susan; Takeuchi, Miwa A.; Ishihara, Virgie Aquino; *, Meixi; Gallardo, Santiago Rincón; Elox, Miguel Morales; Meléndez, José W.; Pham, Josephine H.; Philip, Thomas; Tivaringe, Tafadzwa; Kirshner, Ben; Uttamchandani, Suraj
2020-06Harnessing the Power of Research + Practice: Aggregating Knowledge About Implementation to Better Support Equity Outcomes in SystemsCheng, Britte Haugan; Clark, Tiffany Lee; Van Horne, Katie
2020-06How One Implementation of an Educational Innovation DiedRamey, Kay; Stevens, Reed
2020-06Idea Development Across Social Levels for Knowledge Building in Four Grade 5 Science CommunitiesYuan, Guangji; Zhang, Jianwei
2020-06Instructor Feedback Practices in Undergraduate Writing at ScaleMcEldoon, Katherine; Yarbro, Jessica; Downs, Samuel; Ventura, Matthew; Gagne, Faby; Corrigan, Seth; Skerritt, Devon; Lahti, Ruth
2020-06Integrating Computer Science in Science: Considerations for ScaleKrakowski, Ari; Greenwald, Eric; Duke, Jake; Comstock, Meghan; Roman, Natalie
2020-06Measuring Equitable Science Instruction at ScaleKrumm, Andy; Penuel, William R.; Pazera, Carol; Landel, Carolyn
2020-06Multimodal Data Analytics for Assessing Collaborative InteractionsKim, Yanghee; D'Angelo, Cynthia; Cafaro, Francesco; Ochoa, Xavier; Espino, Danielle; Kline, Aaron; Hamilton, Eric; Lee, Seung; Butail, Sachit; Liu, Lichuan; Trajkova, Milka; Tscholl, Michael; Hwang, Jaejin; Lee, Sungchul; Kwon, Kyungbin