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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Abstraction in Disciplinary Problem SolvingKarch, Jessica; Sevian, Hannah
2020-06The Aesthetics of (Un)Charted Play: Negotiating Nostalgia and Digital Demons in an Era of "Post-Truth" Educational ResearchHolbert, Nathan; Yoon, Haeny; Brownell, Cassie; Moffett, Christopher; Dando, Michael; Correa, Isabel; Vasudevan, Lalitha
2020-06All the Rage: Emotional Configurations of Anger as Feminist PoliticizationCurnow, Joe; Fernandes, Tresanne; Asher, Lila; Dunphy, Sinead
2020-06Analysis of Preparation Group Work for Creating New Ideas in Collaborative LearningOhsaki, Ayano
2020-06Assessing College Chemistry Laboratory Learning Using Evidence-Centered Design PrinciplesWink, Donald; Zhang, Hongyang
2020-06Assessing Systems Thinking Across Disciplines: A Learning ProgressionRehmat, Abeera P.; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Housh, Karyn; Liu, Lei; Cisterna, Dante
2020-06Assessment of Creativity During Family Engineering Workshops in Informal Learning EnvironmentsKim, Soo Hyeon; Zimmerman, Heather Toomey
2020-06Associations Between Self-Regulated Learning Strategies and Science Assignment Score in a Digital Literacy PlatformFarhana, Effat; Rutherford, Teomara; Lynch, Collin
2020-06Attending to Gender and Sexuality in Learning: Lessons From Scholarship By, For, and With LGBTQ+ PeopleUttamchandani, Suraj; Shrodes, Addie; Lizarraga, Jose; Cortez, Arturo; Paré, Dylan; Shanahan, Marie-Claire; Sengupta, Pratim; Bang, Megan; Hoadley, Chris
2020-06Augmenting Instructor Decision-Making with Data in MakerspacesChng, Edwin; Zeylikman, Sofya; Schneider, Bertrand
2020-06Axes of Support: Explicit to Implicit and Practical to EpistemicFick, Sarah; Arias, Anna Maria; Vo, Tina; Sherwood, Carrie-Anne; Benedict-Chambers, Amanda; Lo, Abraham
2020-06Becoming a Dentist: Tracing Professional Identity Development Through Mixed Methods Data Mining of Student ReflectionsWise, Alyssa; Reza, Sameen; Han, Rujun
2020-06Blending Everyday Movement and Representational Infrastructure: An Interaction Analysis of Kindergarteners Coding Robot RoutesSilvis, Deborah; Lee, Victor; Clarke-Midura, Jody; Shumway, Jessica; Kozlowski, Joseph
2020-06Bridging Public Discourse and Knowledge Building Discourse in Science Classrooms with the IdeaMagnets ToolChen, Bodong; Chang, Yu-Hui; Groos, David
2020-06Broadening Computing: Infusing Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Into the Design of Informal Learning EnvironmentsYang, Hui; Codding, Diane; Mouza, Chrystalla; Pollock, Lori
2020-06Broadening Conceptualizations of Learning: Fix-It-Foxing as a Practice for *Learning From* and *Learning With*Keifert, Danielle
2020-06Broadening Learning Sciences Theoretical Lenses to Understand Young Children’s SensemakingKeifert, Danielle; Wang, X. Christine; Sacks, Dania; Levy, Sharona T.; Tu, Xintian; Danish, Joshua; Humburg, Megan; Enyedy, Noel
2020-06Building Trust: Supporting Vulnerability for Doing Science in SchoolKrist, Christina
2020-06“But There’s a Lot of People It Would Help”: An Initial Investigation of Youth Approaching and Engaging in Engineering Problem DefinitionHandley, Jacqueline; Moje, Elizabeth
2020-06Can an Instructor and Students Build Collaborative Partnership in an Online Course?Ouyang, Fan; Chang, Yu-Hui; Scharber, Cassandra