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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Adapting a Choice-based STEAM Learning Program to Remote Learning: Barriers, Competing Priorities, and Design ConsiderationsRamey, Kay E.; Stevens, Reed
2021-06Addressing Challenges When Designing NGSS Aligned 3-Dimensional Assessments for Young LearnersRutstein, Daisy; Alozie, Nonye; Fujii, Reina; Fried, Ron
2021-06Addressing Students’ Needs: Development of a Learning Analytics Tool for Academic Path Level RegulationGedrimienė, Eglė; Silvola, Anni; Kokkonen, Henna; Tamminen, Satu; Muukkonen, Hanni
2021-06Aesthetics of Authenticity for Teachers’ Data Set PreferencesLee, Victor R.; Delaney, Victoria
2021-06Agency and Expressivity in Programming PlaySteinberg, Selena; Gresalfi, Melissa
2021-06Ambitious and equitable science teacher noticing in distance learningClark, Heather F.
2021-06Analysis of Co-designed Biology Units Integrated with Computational Thinking ActivitiesDabholkar, Sugat; Peel, Amanda; Hao, Delan; Kelter, Jacob; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2021-06Anything But Race: Race-Evasion and Color-blindness in Preservice Teachers’ Responses to a Hypothetical ScenarioGutiérrez, José F.; Shiver, S.; Dobie, Tracy; Francom, Rachel; Barth-Cohen, Lauren
2021-06Are Community Relevant PBL Supports enough to Promote Epistemic Agency? Exploring Variation in Epistemic Pedagogical Practices in Science ClassroomsNoushad, Noora F.; Shim, Jooeun; Yoon, Susan A.; Cottone, Amanda M.
2021-06Asking Students to Carry Out Generative Learning Activities in Text Learning: Exploring the Role of the Quality of the Performed Learning ActivitiesProske, Antje; Narciss, Susanne
2021-06Assessing Pedagogical Practices to Support Self-Regulated Learning in ScienceAdler, Idit; Copel, Liat; Norris, Cathie; Soloway, Elliot
2021-06An Assessment Focused Research-Practice PartnershipVarma, Keisha; Loiselle, Tayler
2021-06Associations between Parenting Stress and Children’s Academic Engagement when Schools were closed during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Risk and Protective Factorsvon Suchodoletz, Antje; Fullmer, Susanna; Larsen, Ross
2021-06Becoming a STEAM-Teacher: Co-Construction of a Zone of Proximal Identity Development to Support Program ImplementationStamatis, Kristina M.; Pradhan, Ishita; Penuel, William R.
2021-06Before the Storm: How Families were Supported for the Transition to Distance LearningPozos, Rose K.; Martin, Caitlin K.; Barron, Brigid; Lam, Cindy K.; Nguyen, Judy; Lin, Veronica; Levy, Zohar; Garcia, Susie
2021-06Beyond Supervision: Human / Machine Distributed Learning in Learning Sciences ResearchKubsch, Marcus; Rosenberg, Joshua M.; Krist, Christina
2021-06Boundary Spanning Roles and Power in Educational PartnershipsWegemer, Christopher M.; Renick, Jennifer R.
2021-06Breadboards and Paper Circuits: Differences in Advanced Circuitry Learning and PCB Layout DesignSedas, R. Mishael; Peppler, Kylie; Thompson, Naomi
2021-06Bridging the Divide: Exploring Affordances for Interdisciplinary LearningKnowe, Madison; Gresalfi, Melissa
2021-06Capturing Learners’ Interactions with Multimedia Science Content Over Time during Game-based LearningDever, Daryn A.; Banzon, Allison M.; Ballelos, Nikki Anne M.; Azevedo, Roger