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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Across Research Practice Partnerships: Examining Two Projects to Develop Understandings of Infrastructure and EquityStamatis, Kristina; Lee, Ung-Sang
2020-06Agreeing to Disagree for the Sake of Formative Evaluation: A Delphi Panel Deliberates on Mathematical Thinking and DoingJameson, Ellen; McClure, Lynne
2020-06Analytical Designs: Goodwin’s Substrates as a Tool for Studying LearningKeifert, Danielle; Hall, Rogers; Enyedy, Noel; Vogelstein, Lauren; Pierson, Ashlyn; Ehrenfeld, Nadav; Marshall, Samantha; McGugan, Katherine Schneeberger; Marin, Ananda; Faulstich, Elisa Noemí Orellana; Bordeaux, Clementine; Clark, Heather; Gravell, Jamie; Lindberg, Lindsay; Morales, Denise; Rodriguez, Lilia; Eyes, Renee White; Flood, Virginia J.; Sharma, Geetanshi; DeLiema, David; Valerie, Jesslyn; Cabrera, Alexis; Smith, Sophie; Xiao, Sihan; Xiao, Chi; Wang, Xuehui; Garner, Brette; Smith, Michael Sean; Harrer, Benedikt; Clark, Douglas
2020-06Anchoring Computational Thinking in Upper Elementary Physical Science Through Problem-Centered Storytelling and PlayMott, Bradford; Oliver, Kevin; Minogue, James; Houchins, Jennifer; Smith, Andy; Taylor, Sandra; Hubbard-Cheuoua, Aleata; Ringstaff, Cathy
2020-06Argumentation as Inquiry: Students’ Engagement With Uncertainty in Written ArgumentsGouvea, Julia; Parker, Katherine
2020-06Assessment in Hands-On Library Learning SpacesWardrip, Peter; Chang, Stephanie; Penney, Lauren; Abramovich, Samuel; Millerjohn, Rebecca; Kumar, Vishesh; Martin, Caitlin; Widman, Sari; Penuel, William R.; Chang-Order, Josephina; Halverson, Erica
2020-06Augmented Reality Improved Learning of Lower-level Students by Empowering their Participation in Collaborative ActivitiesTang, Jingwan; Zhang, Yang; Luehmann, April; White, Andrew
2020-06Automated Collaboration Assessment Using Behavioral AnalyticsAlozie, Nonye; Dhamija, Svati; McBride, Elizabeth; Tamrakar, Amir
2020-06Back in the Day, Shaping Tomorrow: Stakeholder Collaboration to Support Youth Learning About Local Public HistoryLubbock, Helen; Hostetler, Andrew; Hall, Rogers; Washington, Lorenzo
2020-06Becoming Tidier Over Time: Studying #tidytuesday as a Social Media-Based Context for Learning to Visualize DataRosenberg, Joshua; Schmidt, Anthony; Rosenberg, Aaron; Longnecker, Jennifer; Mann, Michael
2020-06Becoming Together: Creating and Looking at Collaborations as Learning ProductsKumar, Vishesh; Jayathirtha, Gayithri; Halverson, Erica; Carter-Stone, Laura; Leander, Kevin; Tissenbaum, Mike; Wheeler, Nathan; Litts, Breanne K.
2020-06Being in Touch With the Core of Social Interaction: Embodied Design for the NonverbalChen, Rachel; Ninh, Arianna; Yu, Betty; Abrahamson, Dor
2020-06Building Blocks: Kids Designing Scientific, Domain-Specific, Block-Based, Agent-Based MicroworldsMartin, Kit; Bain, Connor; Swanson, Hillary; Horn, Michael; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06Building Knowledge From Challenging Text: Issues Associated with Moving Pedagogy from Traditional Classroom Delivery to an AI Enhanced Differentiated InstructionCaccamise, Donna; Quigley, David; Weatherley, John; Lieber, Rachel; Foltz, Peter
2020-06Can Technology Empower the Public to Think Scientifically? The Case of nQuireHerodotou, Christothea; Sharples, Mike; Scanlon, Eileen
2020-06Characterizing Metacognitive and Progressive Dialogue in Knowledge-Building ClassroomTong, Yuyao; Chan, Carol
2020-06Characterizing Student Theory Building in the Context of Block-Based Agent-Based Modeling MicroworldsSwanson, Hillary; Martin, Kit; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06Civic Engagement With Visualizing Data in Science MuseumsPeppler, Kylie; Keune, Anna; Han, Ariel Jiyeon
2020-06Co-designing a Collective Journey of Knowledge Creation With Idea-Friend MapsFeng, Xueqi; van Aalst, Jan; Chan, Carol; Yang, Yuqin
2020-06Coding and Analyzing Scientific Observations From Middle School Students in MinecraftYi, Sherry; Gadbury, Matt; Lane, H. Chad