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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-10Use of Collaborative Computer Simulation Activities to Facilitate Relative Motion LearningMonaghan, James M.; Clement, John
1995-10LEAP: A Constructivist Laserdisc Program for English/Language Arts Teacher EducationStephens, Liz C.
1995-10A Classroom Study: Electronic Games Engage Children As ResearchersKlawe, Maria; Phillips, Eileen
1995-10Project CIRCLE: Student Mentors as a Strategy for Training and Supporting Teachers in the Use of Computer-Based Tools for Collaborative LearningResta, Paul E.
1995-10Computer Support for Pupils Collaborating: A Case Study on CollisionsWhitelock, Denise; Scanlon, Eileen; Taylor, Josie; O’Shea, Tim
1995-10Computer Representations in Students’ Conversations: Analysis of Discourse in Small Laboratory GroupsKelly, Gregory J.; Crawford, Teresa
1995-10Theory Sequences in a Problem-Based Learning Group: A Case StudyGlenn, Phillip J.; Koschmann, Timothy; Conlee, Melinda
1995-10An Historical Perspective on Instructional Design: Is it Time to Exchange Skinner's Teaching Machine for Dewey's Toolbox?Wiburg, Karin M.
1995-10TurboTurtle: A Collaborative Microworld for Exploring Newtonian PhysicsCockburn, Andy; Greenberg, Saul
1995-10Teaching IS Design and Development in a Group Learning SettingRein, Gail L.
1995-10Reframing Learning in CSCL EnvironmentsCerratto, Teresa; Belisle, Claire
1995-10Towards an Analytical Framework for CSCdistanceLFjuk, Annita
1995-10Exploring Cases On—line with Virtual EnvironmentsLindeman, Bruce; Kent, Todd; Kinzie, Mable; Larsen, Valerie; Ashmore, Lora; Becker, Frank
1995-10Training Cops’ Decisions in Deadly Force through Reflection by Use of a Powerful Learning EnvironmentDe Jong, Frank P. C. M.; Mensink, Jos G. B.
1995-10A Design for Effective Support of Inquiry and CollaborationEdelson, Daniel C.; O’Neill, D. Kevin; Gomez, Louis M.; D’Amico, Laura
1995-10A Methodology for Designing Post Graduate Professional Development Distant Learning CSCL ProgrammesMcconnell, David
1995-10Support for Workspace Awareness in Educational GroupwareGutwin, Carl; Stark, Gwen; Greenberg, Saul
1995-10Technology Selection for Small-Group Collaborative Distance LearningHeeren, Elske
1995-10Towards Computer Support for Collaborative Learning at Work: Six RequirementsFavorin, Marjo
1995-10Collaboration and Learning with Logo: Does Gender Make a Difference?Yelland, Nicola