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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995-10A Qualitative Examination of an Interactive Computer Program on MulticulturalismPowers, Susan M.
1995-10Computer Partner in the Classroom: Fostering Small Group Problem SolvingBrophy, Sean P.
1995-10Identifying the Support Needed in Computer—Supported Collaborative Learning SystemsKatz, Sandra
1995-10Comparing Constructions through the WebShaw, Mildred L. G.; Gaines, Brian R.
1995-10Shared Annotation for Cooperative LearningDavis, James R.; Huttenlocher, Daniel P.
1995-10Multiplayer Activities that Develop Mathematical CoordinationBricker, Lauren J.; Tanimoto, Steven L.; Rothenberg, Alex I.; Hutama, Danny C.; Wong, Tina H.
1995-10Designing for Learnability (DesiL): An Engine for Informing the Design of Easy-to-Learn Microcomputer InterfacesWiniecki, Donald J.; Ahem, Terence C.
1995-10Operationalizing Mental Models: Strategies for Assessing Mental Models to Support Meaningful Learning and Design-Supportive Learning EnvironmentsJonassen, David H.
1995-10Academic Risk-Taking and CSCLChyung, Seung-Youn; Repman, Judi; Lan, William
1995-10Making Distance Learning CollaborativeChristiansen, Ellen; Dirckinck-Holmfeld, Lone
1995-10A Cooperative System for Collaborative Problem SolvingKanselaar, Gellof; Erkens, Gijsbert
1995-10Groupware for Developing Critical Discussion SkillsSuthers, Dan; Weiner, Arlene
1995-10A Framework of Hypertextual Vocabulary Support for Collaborative LearningSugimoto, Taku
1995-10An Alternative Perspective for Developing a Mathematical MicroworldBowers, Janet
1995-10Toward Supporting Learners Participating in Scientifically-Informed Community DiscourseSpitulnik, Jeff; Studer, Scott; Finkel, Elizabeth; Gustafson, Edwin; Laczko, Jason; Soloway, Elliot
1995-10Computational Support for Collaborative Learning through Generative Problem SolvingMarayanan, En. Hari; Hmelo, Cindy E.; Petrushin, Valery; Newsletter, Wendy C.; Guzdial, Mark; Kolodner, Janet L.
1995-10Supporting Collaborative Guided Inquiry in a Learning Environment for BiologyTabak, Iris; Sandoval, William A.; Smith, Brian K.; Agganis, Aggelici; Baumgartner, Eric; Reiser, Brian J.
1995-10Collaborative Distance Education on the World Wide Web: What Would that Look Like?Shotsberger, Paul G.; Smith, Karan B.; Spell, Christopher G.
1995-10Refining Knowledge in a Virtual Community: A Case-Based Collaborative Project for Preservice TeachersZhao, Yong; Campbell, Keith
1995-10Towards a Pedagogy of InformaticsJurema, Ana Cristina L. A.; Lima, Maria Edite Costa; Dalmau, Mary C.; Filho, Merval Jurema