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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Agents, Models, and Ethics: Importance of Interdisciplinary Explorations in AI EducationJiang, Shiyan; DesPortes, Kayla; Bergner, Yoav; Zhang, Helen; Lee, Irene; Moore, Katherine; Cheng, Yihong; Perret, Beatriz; Walsh, Benjamin; Guggenheim, Aaron; Dalton, Bridget; Forsyth, Stacey; Yeh, Tom; Akram, Bita; Yoder, Spencer; Finzer, William; Chao, Jie; Rosé, Carolyn P.; Payne, William; Castro-Norwood, Francisco; McDermott, Kathleen
2022Aspiring for Equity: Perspectives From Design of AI EducationWalsh, Benjamin; Dalton, Bridget; Forsyth, Stacey; Haberl, Ellie; Smilack, Jackie; Yeh, Tom; Zhang, Helen; Lee, Irene; Lin, Grace C.; Kim, Yoon Jeon; Stump, Glenda S.; Stoiber, Andy; Altuwaiyan, Amal; Abelson, Hal; Klopfer, Eric; Breazeal, Cynthia; Wilson, Eryka; Aliabadi, Roozbeh; Tian, Jingxian; Carter, James; Long, Duri; Magerko, Brian; Sengupta-Irving, Tesha
2023Computation Within and Beyond Disciplinary Communities: Learnings From K-12 In-School-Time StudiesJackson, David W.; Zhang, Helen; Anderson, Emma; Barnett, Mike; Chao, Jie; Connor, Charles; Lee, Hee-Sun; Lee, Irene; Lore, Christopher; Perret, Beatriz; Pallant, Amy; Phatak, Jaai; Proctor, Chris; Shah, Ahmad; Wagh, Aditi; Grover, Shuchi
2020-06Identity Negotiation Through Creative and Collaborative Expression: Middle School Girls’ Experiences in the Converge Art and Science ProgramMcKinley-Hicks, Megan; Barnett, Michael; Zhang, Helen; Suchow, Ariella
2010-06Learning about Dynamic Systems by DrawingAinsworth, Shaaron; Nathan, Mitchell; van Meter, Peggy; Zhang, Helen; Linn, Marcia; Buksh, Arzoo; Johnson, Chelsea; van Joolingen, Wouter; Bollen, Lars; Leenaars, Frank
2023Online vs In-Person Professional Learning Communities: A Qualitative Comparison of Teacher Learning ExperiencesMoore, Katherine S.; Zhang, Helen; Gupta, Pawan; Kuhlken, Zoe; Li, Haolin; Lee, Irene
2023Preparing Teachers to Teach Artificial Intelligence in Classrooms: An Exploratory StudyZhang, Helen; Lee, Irene; Moore, Katherine
2022Prior Experience of Students, Teachers, or Both? Impacts on Affective Factors for Physical ComputingJackson, David W.; Meng, Qi; Shah, S. Ahmad; Zhang, Helen
2010-06Using Visualization to Link Abstract Science and Everyday ExperienceShen, Ji; Chang, Hsin-Yi; Chiu, Jennifer; Clark, Douglas; McElhaney, Kevin; Varma, Keisha; Wiebe, Eric; Zhang, Helen; Linn, Marcia