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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-05Advanced Digital Video Technologies to Support Collaborative Learning in School Education and BeyondZahn, Carmen; Pea, Roy; Hesse, Friedrich; Mills, Michael; Finke, Matthias; Rosen, Joseph
2007-07Demonstration of a Discussion Terminal for Knowledge Acquisition and Opinion Formation in Science MuseumsKnipfer, Kristin; Zahn, Carmen; Hesse, and Friedrich W.
2011-06Digital Media in the Classroom: A Study on How to Improve Guidance for Successful Collaboration and Learning in Student TeamsZahn, Carmen; Krauskopf, Karsten; Hesse, Friedrich W.; Pea, Roy
2010-06Digital Video Tools in the Classroom: Empirical Studies on Constructivist Learning with Audio-visual Media in the Domain of HistoryZahn, Carmen; Krauskopf, Karsten; Pea, Roy; Hesse, Friedrich W.
2023Exploring Linguistic Indicators of Social Collaborative Group EngagementJeitziner, Loris T.; Paneth, Lisa; Rack, Oliver; Zahn, Carmen; Wulff, Dirk U.
2005-05How Can We Use Hypervideo Design Projects to Construct Knowledge in University Courses?Stahl, Elmar; Zahn, Carmen; Finke, Matthias
2021-06Impact of Learners’ Video Interactions on Learning Success and Cognitive LoadRuf, Alessia; Leisner, David; Zahn, Carmen; Opwis, Klaus
2021-06Introducing a New Approach for Investigating Learning BehaviorNiederhauser, Mario; Ruf, Alessia; Jäger, Joscha; Zahn, Carmen; Opwis, Klaus
2023A Multi-Method Approach to Capture Quality of Collaborative Group EngagementPaneth, Lisa; Jeitziner, Loris T.; Rack, Oliver; Zahn, Carmen
2009-06Participation in knowledge building “revisited”: Reflective discussion and information design with advanced digital video technologyZahn, Carmen; Krauskopf, Karsten; Hesse, Friedrich W.; Pea, Roy
2023Stressors in Online Exams - Same Same but Different?Roos, Anna-Lena; Jeitziner, Loris T.; Zahn, Carmen
2013-06Supporting School Group Visits to Fine Arts Museums in the 21st Century: A CSCL Concept for a Multi-Touch Table Based Video ToolBorchers, Moritz; Mock, Philipp; Zahn, Carmen; Edelmann, Jörg; Hesse, Friedrich W.
2022What if the Computer Crashes? Findings From an Exploratory Factor Analysis on Stressors in Online ExamsJeitziner, Loris T.; Roos, Anna-Lena; Ruf, Alessia; Zahn, Carmen