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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Analytics for Learning and Becoming in PracticeArastoopour, Golnaz; Shum, Simon Buckingham; Collier, Wesley; Kirschner, Paul A.; Knight, Simon; Shaffer, David Williamson; Wise, Alyssa Friend
2017-07Beyond Demographic Boxes: Relationships Between Students’ Cultural Orientations and Collaborative CommunicationPerera, Nishan; Wise, Alyssa Friend
2009-06Connecting online learners at a distance: The promise and challenge of using metaphors as reference pointsWise, Alyssa Friend; Padmanabhan, Poornima; Duffy, Thomas
2015-07CSCL and Learning Analytics: Opportunities to Support Social Interaction, Self-Regulation and Socially Shared RegulationWise, Alyssa Friend; Azevedo, Roger; Stegmann, Karsten; Malmberg, Jonna; Rosé, Carolyn Penstein; Mudrick, Nicholas; Taub, Michelle; Martin, Seth A.; Farnsworth, Jesse; Mu, Jin; Järvenoja, Hanna; Järvelä, Sanna; Wen, Miaomiao; Yang, Diyi; Fischer, Frank
2011-06Factors Contributing to Learners’ Online Listening Behaviors in Online and Blended CoursesWise, Alyssa Friend; Speer, Jennifer; Hsiao, Ying-Ting; Marbouti, Farshid
2012-07Initial Validation of Listening Behavior Typologies for Online Discussions Using Microanalytic Case StudiesWise, Alyssa Friend; Hsiao, Ying-Ting; Marbouti, Farshid; Speer, Jennifer; Perera, Nishan
2011-06Knowledge Construction Patterns in Online Conversation: A Statistical Discourse Analysis of a Role-Based Discussion ForumWise, Alyssa Friend; Chiu, Ming Ming
2013-06Relationships between Listening and Speaking in Online Discussions: An Empirical InvestigationWise, Alyssa Friend; Hausknecht, Simone Nicole; Zhao, Yuting
2011-06Towards an Understanding of "Listening" in Online Discussions: A Cluster Analysis of Learners’ Interaction PatternsWise, Alyssa Friend; Marbouti, Farshid; Speer, Jennifer; Hsiao, Ying-Ting
2012-07Tracing Ideas and Participation in an Asynchronous Online Discussion across Individual and Group Levels over TimeWise, Alyssa Friend; Hsiao, Ying-Ting; Marbouti, Farshid; Zhao, Yuting
2013-06Using a Graphical Interface to Address New Post Bias in Online Discussion ForumsMarbouti, Farshid; Wise, Alyssa Friend
2015-07What Kind of World Do You Want to Live In? Positive Interdependence and Collaborative Processes in the Tangible Tabletop Land-Use Planning Game YoutopiaWise, Alyssa Friend; Antle, Alissa Nicole; Warren, Jillian; May, Aaron; Fan, Min; Macaranas, Anna