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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Bridging Multiple Ecologies to Support and Research Learning in Contested SpacesWeidler-Lewis, Joanna; Graville, Cynthia Story; Gould, Mary
2014-06Cognitive Ethnographies of Heterogeneous Engineering DesignLauff, Carlye; Weidler-Lewis, Joanna; O'Connor, Kevin; Kotys-Schwartz, Daria A.; Rentschler, Mark E.
2022Draw-a-Computer-Scientist-Teacher? Designing for Expansive Identities in Undergraduate Computer ScienceWeidler-Lewis, Joanna; Doore, Stacy
2020-06From Correspondence to Prefiguration: Mobilizing Learning Sciences for Alternative Social FuturesSmirnov, Natalia; Weidler-Lewis, Joanna
2017-07Integrating Eye-Tracking Activities Into a Learning Environment to Promote Collaborative Meta-Semiotic Reflection and DiscourseSommer, Stephen; Hinojosa, Leighanna; Traut, Hilary; Polman, Joseph; Weidler-Lewis, Joanna
2021-06Learning with and through Evaluation as Social PracticeWeidler-Lewis, Joanna; Frickey, Jimmy
2023Situating Evaluation: Theory Driven Evaluation in PracticeWeidler-Lewis, Joanna; Frickey, Jimmy; Goulet-Langlois, Maxime
2021-06Teacher Roles in Prison Learning: Contradictions and ProvocationsWeidler-Lewis, Joanna
2020-06Technology Entanglements of Pre-Service Teachers: A Socio-Material Analysis of Coherence in Technology and Teacher EducationWeidler-Lewis, Joanna; Wooten, Michelle; McDonald, Scott
2023Weaving in and out of School Experiences to Craft STEM IdentitiesAllen, Carrie D.; Weidler-Lewis, Joanna
2014-06Women Becoming EngineersWeidler-Lewis, Joanna