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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-07Computer Supported Moderation of E-Discussions: the ARGUNAUT ApproachDe Groot, Reuma; Drachman, Raul; Hever, Rakheli; Schwarz, Baruch B.; Hoppe, Ulrich; Harrer, Andreas; De Laat, Maarten; Wegerif, Rupert; McLaren, Bruce M.; Baurens, and Benoit
2011-06Designing visual tools to scaffold the process of learning how to learn togetherDe-Groot, Reuma; Schwarz, Baruch; Wegerif, Rupert; Yang, Yang; Harrer, Andreas; Kynigos, Chronis; McLaren, Bruce; Mavrikis, Manolis
2023Developing Teachers’ Contingent Responsiveness in Science Discussions With Mixed-Reality Simulation: A Design-Based StudyCao, Lydia Y.; Wegerif, Rupert; Hennessy, Sara; Dede, Chris
2011-06Dialogic Framework for Creative and Collaborative Problem-solvingFerreira, Deller; Wegerif, Rupert
2016-07Fostering Deliberative Discourse in Schools Towards the Constitution of a Deliberative DemocracySchwarz, Baruch; Rajala, Antti; Rosé, Carolyn P.; Clarke, Sherice; Fynes-Clinton, Elizabeth; Renshaw, Peter; Solli, Anne; Hillman, Thomas; Mäkitalo, Åsa; Goldberg, Tsafrir; Tammi, Tuure; Wegerif, Rupert
2013-06Learning How to Learn Together (L2L2): Developing Tools to Support an Essential Complex Competence for the Internet AgeYang, Yang; Wegerif, Rupert; Dragon, Toby; Mavrikis, Manolis; McLaren, Bruce M.
2013-06The Metafora Tool: Supporting Learning to Learn TogetherDe-Groot, Reuma; Dragon, Toby; Mavrikis, Manolis; Harrer, Andreas; Pfahler, Kerstin; McLaren, Bruce M.; Wegerif, Rupert; Kynigos, Chronis; Schwarz, Baruch
2013-06A Multidimensional Dialogic Framework in Support of Collaborative Creativity in Computer ProgrammingFerreira, Deller James; Wegerif, Rupert
2009-06Recognizing creative thinking in graphical e-discussions using artificial intelligence graph-matching techniquesWegerif, Rupert; McLaren, Bruce; Chamrada, Marian; Scheuer, Oliver; Mansour, Nasser; Mikšátko, Jan
2011-06Technology and Dialogic Space: Lessons from History and from the ‘Argunaut’ and ‘Metafora’ ProjectsWegerif, Rupert; Yang, Yang
2005-05Towards a Dialogic Understanding of the Relationship between CSCL and Teaching Thinking SkillsWegerif, Rupert